What is Selic Treasure? Discover this investment option

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What is Selic Treasure?  Discover this investment option

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O Selic Treasure it is a public bond issued by the federal government, seen as a gateway to the financial market. That means your investment works like a loan to the government.

As it does not require high investment values ​​and has low risk rates, the asset is a good option to start investing.

It is common for the inexperienced investor to have many questions regarding the type of initial investment, the fees charged, the profitability, the taxes involved, the redemption time and so on.

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And if you want to understand better how the Selic Treasury works and why it can be an investment solution for your financial situation, follow the post. We separate the main information to ensure good decision making. Good reading!

What is Selic Treasure?

The Treasury Selic is a bond issued by the National Treasury with yield linked to the country's basic interest rate. That is, it is a public title.

The investor who chooses this modality lend the amount invested to the Government in exchange for the right to receive future remuneration for this loan.

The amount collected is used to pay bills and finance state activities, through the promotion of areas such as health, education, infrastructure, leisure, among others.

Because it is a form of investment with a fixed income and has one of the lowest market risk rates, is a smart choice for novice investors who still feel insecure.

Furthermore, the security has daily liquidity, that is, the investor can withdraw the amount at any time. For this reason, it is the best alternative for those who are running away from the lack of profitability of savings and looking for flexibility in the redemption of money.

Because of this facility, the Treasury Selic is still the best option for the formation of a emergency reserve.

The investment can protect you in unpredictable financial situations such as the loss of a job, illness, accidents, among others.

How does the Selic Treasure work?

The Selic Treasure works simply. When you buy a bond that costs around R$100 each, you borrow the amount to receive it back with interest.

It is a title that tracks fluctuations in the basic rate of fees in the UK, the Selic rate is at 4.25% per year (economists' projection for the end of the year).

And as it is issued by the safest institution in the country, the federal government, and it still has excellent liquidity, its income is significant.

What are the advantages of this investment?

Check out the main advantages of investment in the Selic Treasury.


Using the Treasury Direct platform to invest in this public bond is extremely simple. Also, some brokers offer platforms integrated to the system, making it even easier to trade these assets.

Low risk

The Selic Treasure is one of the safest assets in the UK residents financial market. They are called “risk free” or “zero risk” because the investor only loses money if the government goes bankrupt (something that never happened and has minimal chances of happening).

High liquidity

Another advantage of the Selic Treasury is its daily liquidity. This means that the investment can be redeemed at any time without loss.

However, the recommendation is to wait at least 30 days to receive the exemption from the IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) and not compromise profitability.

Low volatility

The fluctuation of prices in the financial market has little effect on the Treasury Selic, because it works daily following the basic interest rate. Among all Government Bonds, this asset is the one with the lowest volatility.


Investments in this public asset are extremely cheap, R$100 is enough to start investing in the Selic Treasury. In other words, its accessibility to this type of investment is characteristic.

What is the profitability of the Selic Treasury?

The profitability of the Treasury Selic, as the name suggests, is linked to the basic interest rate of the economy, defined by the Monetary Policy Committee of the central bank (BC).

The return on investment is calculated daily following the equivalence of 1/252 of the current Selic Rate. In other words, it is an asset that is always appreciating and is close to 100% of the CDI (Certificate of Interbank Deposit).

However, as it is a post-fixed security, its profitability can only be identified after making the application.

What are the fees charged by the Selic Treasury?

The Treasury Selic shares the taxation rules for other government bonds that are usually quite investor-friendly. The most important tariffs are the IOF and the IR (Income Tax).

As we said, the ideal is to leave the Treasury Selic application for at least 30 days to reduce the value of the IOF to zero.

Its rate is charged on a descending basis, bringing an alarming value of 96% for the first day of application. So, as the days go by, the rate can reach zero.

Therefore, to escape the very high IOF charge, investments in the Treasury Selic must remain active for at least 30 days.

In case of Income tax, the billing is not reset, but it also reduces with the investment time.

Check out the logic behind the Income Tax collection:

  • investments with up to 180 days – 22.5% income tax rate;
  • investments from 181 days to 365 days – 20% tax rate;
  • investments from 365 days to 720 days – Tax rate of 17.5% of IR;
  • investments over 720 days – 15% tax rate.

The Treasury Selic is a safe, easy, affordable and financially interesting type of investment. Therefore, you should seek to know more about the asset. Talk to experts and see if it's the best option for your financial goals.

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