What is SIPAT? Learn how to organize this event in your company

What is SIPAT?  Learn how to organize this event in your company

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SIPAT is the acronym for Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work, a type of corporate event that aims to raise awareness among employees about health, safety and accident prevention in companies.

Continue reading and learn how to organize a SIPAT step by step in your company.

What is SIPAT?

THE Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work or SIPAT it is a type of corporate event with the objective of making employees aware of health, safety and accident prevention in companies.

According to regulatory standard NR-5, the activity is mandatory for the Internal Accident Prevention Commission (CIPA) of any organization that has employees hired by CLT.

In addition to leaving the company in accordance with the law, SIPAT is a great opportunity to reinforce the safety at work in the organization's rules.

With that in mind, we bring in this article everything you need to know to plan this event in the most appropriate way. Interested? Check it out below!

How does SIPAT work in companies?

By law, SIPAT must be carried out once a year, over the course of a week. During the period, lectures, dynamics and competitions aimed at preventing accidents and occupational diseases are promoted.

The format of the activities is at the discretion of the organizers. The important thing is that they are relevant and generate engagement of employees.

There is no minimum number of employees stipulated for the realization of SIPAT. However, given the importance of the subject and the mandatory nature of the event for CIPA, it is essential to encourage the participation of all of them.

There are also no themes that are mandatory in the activities. Because of the NR-5 text, many people think that HIV / AIDS prevention must necessarily be included among the issues discussed. However, this is a misconception.

In reality, the law states that the CIPA must carry out campaigns on HIV / AIDS and on safety at work, at least once a year.

The two events can be separated, but many organizations take advantage of SIPAT to discuss STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in the same series of activities.

How to organize a SIPAT?

There are some fundamental steps that must be taken in preparing a SIPAT. What these activities have in common is that they all need to be planned in advance.

With a predefined schedule, the process becomes easier. In addition, there will be ample time to adjust the route should any obstacles arise.

Next, see the main tasks that are part of how to organize a SIPAT.

Step 1: choose the organizing team members

The first step on how to set up a successful SIPAT is to team assembly. Generally, those who organize SIPAT are the HR members or work safety technicians.

It may be interesting to combine the specialties and form a team composed of professionals from both departments. In this way, it is possible to do a more complete job with greater credibility.

Within the team, must be chosen a coordinator. The ideal is that you are a communicative person, influential and prepared to manage people and processes.

With a good leader at the helm, everyone's collaboration will be guaranteed, as well as the quality of SIPAT.

Step 2: define and split tasks

Once the organizing team has been defined, meetings must be held to establish and divide the tasks related to SIPAT.

Each member must be responsible for a specific role:

  • budget management;
  • contracting suppliers;
  • dissemination campaign;
  • elaboration of activities, among others.

In turn, the coordinator must make sure that the planning is being followed and the tasks are being delivered on time.

Step 3: Control the dates

Speaking of deadlines, it is essential draw up a calendar with the stages of setting up the event. All dates must be stipulated in advance, including the week in which the SIPAT is held.

With that, it will be possible to get the campaign off the ground without major problems.

Remember if: in addition to working in the organization of the event, all team members will have to continue fulfilling obligations in their respective departments within the company.

To combine the two activities with tranquility, good planning is essential.

Step 4: choose SIPAT activities

To talk about work accidents in an interesting way, it is necessary to approach the subject with a light and playful atmosphere. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek the help of specialists.

The first step in defining SIPAT's activities is to research and hire competent consultants to perform the task.

Among the most common themes in this type of event are safety at work, quality of life, motivation and sexuality. Ideally, the company should choose one subject per year and promote a good understanding of the chosen theme.

But nothing prevents her from creating specific activities on different themes to offer more variety to employees.

The actions can take different formats: theater, online games and scavenger hunts are just some of them. To encourage engagement, it is interesting to reward employees for participation and performance in SIPAT.

It is also possible to give away more elaborate gifts and presents such as occupational gym sessions, massages, dinners and trips. Everything will depend on the budget and the partnerships that the company manages to make.

Step 5: publicize the campaign

There is no point in setting up the best SIPAT if people do not join the event. That is why, plan a good outreach campaign so that everyone is informed about the actions and is interested in participating.

Partner with the Internal Business Communication and generate content for murals, posters, intranet, e-mail and other channels of the organization.

When communicating the event to employees, it is essential to explain what SIPAT is and how it works. This is because many employees, especially those with less time on the job, may never have participated in such an activity.

Step # 6: Document the meetings

It is also important for CIPA to record all meetings about SIPAT in official reports, as well as the attendance list of the activities carried out.

As it is a mandatory event by law, this documentation serves to prove that it really happened, protecting the company in case of questions from the work justice.

Now that you know what SIPAT is and what you should do to organize it, just put everything you've learned into practice. Reread the tips as many times as necessary, form a good team to plan the event and get to work!

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