What is Strategic HR: 7 Tips to Leverage Your Company’s Success

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What is Strategic HR: 7 Tips to Leverage Your Company's Success

Table of Contents

To understand what strategic HR is, first, it is important to highlight that it is part of a management model that adopts numerous tools to achieve employee motivation and process effectiveness.

In this article, we will explain what strategic HR is, its decisive role and also some tips on how to implement strategic HR in the processes and social well-being in the company's environment. Keep reading and check out our tips.

What is Strategic HR

Strategic HR is the integrated management with other sectors that participate in the planning and decisions that will benefit the company. HR managers work aligned between their sector's objectives and the company's objectives as a whole.

Thus, HR acts together with other departments, being also a strategic part of the company's plans and objectives. This updates HR's traditional role of just meeting demands when needed.

Next, we'll see why this integration is so important these days.


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Importance of strategic HR for results

Companies change and, given that, the model of human resources management for a strategic HR it also needs to keep up with these changes, meeting the demands of a volatile market.

HR professionals need to understand the steps the company needs to take towards the future. In order to develop the team in this direction.

Acting in this line is to focus more on professional development, in order to provide them with strategic behavior. That is, a strategic HR can use tools such as initiatives and interest in what happens globally in the organization and in direct involvement with the company.

In this article, we'll talk a little more about how a strategic HR format can bring organizational effectiveness and social well-being to the company. Check out the tips.

How to implement a strategic HR

1. Company-wide mapping

In order for the implementation of a strategic HR model to occur, a very detailed diagnosis of the current situation in the sector is necessary.

With this diagnosis, it is possible to identify the current situation internally and externally, focusing on what should be given more attention. Thus, there is the possibility of using this analysis as an “anchor” to move forward with the model.

Thus, identifying the successes and errors, from situations considered simpler, such as hiring professionals, to those considered more complex.

It's time to organize everything and make the necessary changes, aiming at this strategic HR model. This will only be possible if you know the company and its needs well. Since each one values ​​or prioritizes a specific process.

2. Delimit the focus of action

The organizational strategies that you will adopt in your company must be clear, objective and easy to understand in order to generate meaning for people.

Strategic views that are too broad can lose their content richness. Therefore, it is important that such visions meet the interests and needs of your company.

By itself, the model does not guarantee success if it is not in tune with committed and competent people. They are responsible for the evolution of the projects.

Strategic HR needs to seek to create a connection between people and the company's strategy. This is effective people management within an organization. This connection is nothing more than the alignment between the HR planning with that of the organization.

3. Creating and retaining talent

As with any football team, which loses its good players to other teams, it is necessary to be aware of the company's employees and stimulate your talents.

It is necessary that the organizational structure of a company has an internal benefits policy for the creation and a talent retention plan. It is not enough just to provide an environment that encourages employees' talent. It is necessary to make him remain interested in contributing to the company's growth.

It is essential to know the profile of these employees and launch strategies that enable the retention of these talents for the organization.

This strategic HR policy, being incorporated into the company, will directly impact the incentives for qualified professionals to be hired.

4. Constant critical analysis

It is necessary to be constantly aware of reassessments and new alternatives to this model. Therefore, it is important that meetings are held, according to the size and profile of the company, so that the entire team contributes to the critical analysis of HR in the company.

Combined with training and dedication, humility is also a key word for those seeking to succeed in their projects. be humble in diagnosis the criticism you will receive at these meetings is fundamental. This will allow you to better assess your actions and your results.

Your team's competencies also need to be continually assessed and the importance of keeping yourself up to date with that team. Searching for new ideas and delving into the topic are always useful for strategic HR. Eventually, put them into practice when you think it's necessary.

5. Track the results

Measuring the results is important so that they are in line with the general objectives of the company. Therefore, for strategic HR, it is much easier to set goals and better choose the decisions to be taken, in different options.

Make the option to adopt key performance indicators, the famous KPIs, precisely to assess the progress of personal management in the company. This will further contribute to the talent retention policy, for example, bringing a better environment to the workplace.

These indicators make it possible to know the employee's profile and even help to contribute to a better working environment for the success of the entire company.

Some of these indicators are:

  • Headcount: Metric that evaluates the number of employees, separating them by age group, salary level, among others. Thus obtaining more accurate information from each employee;
  • absenteeism: Metric that quantifies the absences of each employee, creating a comparative percentage of absences and hours worked. Ideal indicator to identify possible problems in a specific sector, for example;
  • turnover: Comparison made of the number of employees who left the company with the current number of employees. It is an effective mechanism to identify whether the company's professionals are lost to the competition and contributes to the development of a specific policy for retaining talent.

6. Team building

It is necessary to be prudent and know how to form the group that will be part of your team in this new model implemented by a strategic HR. All activities related to the Human Resources area must be carried out with the dedication of these professionals, encouraging collective work.

When each member of this team knows what the other is doing, it makes the productivity much more growing in this environment. This makes it possible for everyone to understand that everyone is on the same team. In other words, everyone is responsible for the success or failure of this team.

The steps for building any team are basic and everyone knows it. The professional is first hired and then trained for the role that will be entrusted to him/her.

The big challenge for a leader is not only to train this professional, but promote knowledge for the growth of the same and, consequently, of the entire team.

7. Importance of the motivational environment

Properly qualified, it is important for the motivation to be present in this Desktop. It is a difficult task, but not an impossible one.

It is possible to create conditions for the environment to be motivational for the team, through projects that create leaders capable of exercising people's commitment.

It is necessary for a strategic HR to be able to clearly establish objectives, pointing out ways for the team to know what to do for the company.

Creating a motivating environment is also to encourage the improvement of the skills of each employee, delegating to them tasks that contribute to this and also constantly training them in their areas, aligning with the company's needs.

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The decisive role of strategic HR

Strategic HR is responsible for promoting the growth and solidity of the business through competent and motivated people.

More than just being responsible for the admission and dismissal of professionals, strategic HR is a sector that interacts with other sectors of the company, sharing ideas and information.

Such HR model is able to bring an effective contribution to the entire company, allowing it to be more competitive in the market. Thus, strategic HR can better manage its resources, whether financial or material.

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