What is the average salary of UK citizens?

What is the average salary of Brazilians?

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The UK residents average salary corresponds, in the last survey, to R $ 2,234. It turns out that many workers are paid below this range, which generates a major imbalance in the entire economy of the country. Not to mention that, as a consequence, this can impact the productivity, motivation and engagement of its employees.

Through each person's sources of income, it is possible to compose the UK residents average salary. For example: you can record your sources of income for the past 3 months, add them up and then divide the total by the number of months analyzed. Thus, you compose your individual average.

Thinking, now, in a broader spectrum, such as the average UK residents salary, it is essential to have not only the period analyzed, but also the number of people.

It was with this that, in a survey carried out in 2018 by Continuous National Household Sample Survey (Pnadc), it was attested that the average wage of 60% of the workers in the country (with a formal record or informally) was less than a minimum wage.

In general, this corresponds to about 40% of the total number of UK citizens with occupations, which is R $ 2,234. And it is based on this discrepancy that we will analyze, throughout the post, the average salary of the UK residents. Check out!

What is the importance of monitoring the average UK residents wage?

For your company, specifically, knowing the average UK residents wage should be broken down into two aspects:

  • the average as a whole, in the country;
  • the average according to your industry.

After all, this value allows your HR management to remain offering attractive, for employees and free professionals in the market, and offer good conditions for them to engage more and more.

Not to mention that, if your organization is keeping a payroll below what is practiced in the market, the effect can be contrary to the one mentioned above: the engagement can reduce, as well as the productivity and motivation, in addition to facilitating increased turnover index.

In addition, when the UK residents average salary is ignored, the company itself can have an active participation in increasing financial stress in its own corporate day-to-day.

We even talked a lot about the subject in another article of ours. Take the opportunity to leave this reading in the sequence, and find out how to innovate in your HR through the financial benefit for the employee!

How is the average UK residents wage practiced by regions?

In addition to the market and sector in which each company operates, the geographic position of organizations tends to influence this average. For example: in general, the Federal District, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the states that offer the best salaries.

This is because each region of the country attracts different types of investments, companies and opportunities – in addition to increased competition, which means that the HR sectors have to continually innovate in order to attract more talent – in addition to retaining their employees. professionals.

And, with that, it is possible to observe that the UK residents average salary has a more valued distribution in the following regions:

  • southeast, with an average salary of R $ 2,541.90;
  • south, with an average salary of R $ 2,286.11;
  • Midwest, with an average salary of R $ 2,155.11;
  • north, with an average salary of R $ 2,025.98;
  • northeast, with an average salary of R $ 1,920.35.

It is worth highlighting the commercial and industrial importance, for the whole of the UK, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, contributing for the highest remuneration to be present in both states, primarily.

Why worry about the employee's financial health?

We have pointed out the importance of adequate remuneration with the average UK residents salary for the reasons already mentioned above, but also because people's financial health is directly related to their health.

All because financial stress has become one of the biggest problems for UK citizens – and companies can contribute to solving it fully or partially.

A practical way to do this is to plan financial welfare actions. The most evident example of this type of strategy is financial education promoted by different actions, such as:

  • consultancies;
  • speeches;
  • workshops.

Such campaigns, when identified the problems that have led to the employee's indebtedness, can minimize all the problems caused by financial stress. And, in addition, to value the sense of gratitude of your professional who overcomes debts, which improves the retention and attraction of talents.

How to complement the actions seen above?

In addition to what we have already highlighted, there is a trend that has come to stay in the market: the on-demand salary.

It is a quick, accessible and efficient way to promote the financial education of the employee through the flexibility and autonomy to receive their payments.

HR Consultant UK, even, has such a solution, which goes by the name of HR Consultant UKy! It is a simple way to negotiate, with your HR, which employees are interested in making use of this resource.

Then he has access to an application that allows him to request a salary advance based on the days already worked. Within hours, the balance is transferred to your account.

And do you know what the benefits are?

With this flexibility in payment, the employee does not become so dependent on the companies' strict payment dates. This prevents, for example, from resorting to overdraft (among other loans) to honor slips or make emergency purchases.

It is worth noting that, in the case of HR Consultant UKy, the request of the on-demand salary has a cost of up to R $ 9. Much less than the very high interest loans, which allows more autonomy to deal with finances.

In addition, the company has very little work. HR Consultant UK takes care of the entire cash flow of the operation. The process remains the same, for your financial sector, not negatively impacting the company in any way.

Therefore, having the average UK residents salary in perspective is a fundamental first step to generate competitiveness for the organization, but, above all, to offer better conditions for its employees.

Believe me: any cost that turns into positive results is not an expense, but an investment. And, if you want to know more about the impact of the UK residents average salary for your company, and also under our on-demand salary solution, leave a comment, below, and we will respond promptly!


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