What is the difference between HR and People Management?

What is the difference between HR and People Management?

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THE difference between HR and People Management is in the responsibilities before the company routines. While HR is the bridge of relationship between the company and the employee. People management focuses on the skills development.

Aim for profits through a motivated and engaged team with an income that borders on high productivity. What company doesn't want that right?

That's why it's so important to understand the difference between HR and People Management. Since they are two areas that complement each other and play essential roles in the path of companies' success.

In the case of HR to seek strategies to keep the entire company running and happy. And on the other hand, in the case of people management, with the manager working within his team so that everyone remains engaged and in harmony.

Want to know more about the difference between HR and People Management? Check out in our article the role of each of these sectors in the company.

The concept of HR

To understand the HR sector and the main difference between HR and People Management it is necessary to know the typical activities of this sector. It can be said that HR has gone from a completely bureaucratic department to a strategic sector.

The sector has taken on new responsibilities ranging from the recruitment and selection processes even strategies of retaining talent. Check out some of the routines in this sector:

  • Carry out recruitment processes;
  • Develop talent retention strategies;
  • Plan career plans;
  • Reduce the turnover rate;
  • Organize positions and functions.

These are some of the responsibilities of the HR sector within companies. Showing its importance in relation to the ability to be able to use the resources of the workforce to develop the company quickly and effectively.

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The concept of People Management

We can say that in all people management we have a leader, a manager. It is an area that is in a relentless search for employees to be engaged through optimization and training of your abilities.

And this is a difference between HR and People Management. While HR is planning a macro strategy for the companya, people management is acting directly on the employee engagement. Personal management is the guide of professionals.

Check out some of the routines that the people management area performs within companies.

Having an insight into the responsibilities of people management, we can see its importance mainly in the issue of teams.

Therefore, all managers, regardless of their area – commercial, production, marketing or finance – need to commit to managing the team well. So, it is possible to keep them at a high rate of productivity.

The difference between HR and People Management

Although they have some similarities, there is a big difference between HR and People Management, when we analyze some of the company's routines. We have separated some themes that are part of the organizations to show the role of each sector regarding them.

Recruitment Processes

Both areas are of paramount importance in the company's recruitment and selection processes. The difference between HR and People Management in this role lies in the execution of tasks that each sector needs to take on.

The people management area in this case has the duty to point out to HR the characteristics and competence that the future new collaborator need to have.

The HR sector needs to plan the recruitment process correctly to find the ideal profile for vacancy.

Talent training

Every manager needs to be aware of the team's needs. For this, it is necessary to make constant evaluations of the performance of employees and measure the results presented daily.

In this way, it is possible to see where the errors are and what is necessary for the team to be prepared to perform its functions well.

Thus, people management, through the manager, can point out to HR some type of training or course that would be beneficial to professionals.

HR then works to execute the order, setting up and organizing training or training that meets the needs of the sector. Thus aligning time, type of course (EAD or in person), location and so on.

Engagement of professionals

The person responsible for people management is able to identify satisfaction and dissatisfaction within your team.

In addition, through his closest contact with the employee, he can discover the real fact behind the problem and propose alternatives to HR to solve it.

And there is the difference between HR and People Management when it comes to engagement. People management identifies the problem and HR executes strategies to try to motivate employees, either with a benefits culture, financial incentives and so on.

What's more, professionals in the HR sector have a macro view of how much is possible to spend and what is the most effective way to put planning into practice.

team restructuring

If HR has a decisive role in the hiring and dismissal processes, it is the managers who have the ability to point out who can be dismissed.

Companies that go through restructuring completely depend on these sectors. Despite the difference between HR and People Management, a twork together on changes.

When there is a need for cuts, the manager can identify professionals who can be cut without interfering with the company's operational flow.

HR and People Management: sectors that need to work together

THE difference between HR and People Management it needs to be very clear in the routine of companies. This is because, knowing exactly the role of each of these areas, it is easier to determine how each sector can contribute to the company.

On a so competitive market not knowing how to separate and recognize the difference between HR and People Management can compromise results. What's more, it can overload professionals with functions that have nothing to do with their competence.

After reading this article, ask yourself if your company is managing to separate these areas. Because, when each one assumes their role, it is possible to enhance the engagement of professionals and consequently obtain more results.

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