What is the importance and how to use augmented reality in training and development?

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What is the importance and how to use augmented reality in training and development?

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Through the augmented reality in training and development, the company obtains more productivity and employee engagement. After all, it is a technology that explores new resources, makes learning more objective and productive, and also adds more to the reputation of organizations that invest in this idea.

THE Augmented Reality in training and development it may be new to many – the concept itself is still unknown. However, it is enough to understand the value of this application to know how much the technology has a lot to offer.

THE FROG is seen as an intermediate area between reality and virtual reality, giving up digital simulations so that users interact with real objects and virtual information overlaid on them.

Realize, then, that it is the pure integration between the real and the virtual. And we will discuss the impact it can add to your business from the use of augmented reality in training and development. Check out!

Where you may have seen augmented reality

If the concept is not yet properly familiarized with you, it is a good idea to note the great success of the mobile game Pokémon Go, in which people take to the streets hunting Pokemons, with the cell phone screen as a mapping and orientation tool.

In a broader sense, augmented reality can be seen as a wearable (wearable devices, like glasses) where people can get real-time information about the objects they are targeting your vision.

No wonder, this type of innovation is opening new doors in the market. Including, the augmented reality in personnel training and development has been widely celebrated by industry experts.

This is because the learning model that we knew, until then, is rapidly lagging. Now, we can learn in constant motion, not needing us to stay “Inmates” to a room.

An example of this occurred when they did the following experiment: a group of people was given a Lego set and the instruction manual directly applied in a RA glasses. For another group, the same set, but with the good old paper manual.

Guess, now, who assembled the set first?

How companies use augmented reality in training and development

Many leading brands already do use of augmented reality in training and development. General Motors, for example, uses Google’s solution, Google Glass, to train employees in real time. This means that they stay inside the company, at their workstations, and truly learn on the job.

In addition, the practicea saves travel costs and low productivity with staffing shortages. Everyone stays at work, and they learn in practice how to develop with quality from the instructions that appear before their eyes, in the very equipment they deal with on a daily basis. THE visual overlay that the glasses allows help in the correct execution of the task.

Bet on augmented reality in training and development

Can you imagine this type of application to understand how much augmented reality in training and development does it have the power to transform the qualification of its human resources?

Imagine, now, how much this can contribute in other ways. Museums can use this type of technology so that visitors can obtain, in front of their eyes, the information of each piece they are looking at, while walking through the facilities.

The same can be applied in companies, including. One way of approaching the company’s history and culture, serving as a tour of employee integration, for example. Or, yet, this type of technology can open a range of meeting options that took place in the room that the user just entered. Thus, he accesses and can quickly learn about the content held at that meeting.

It is worth pointing out, however, that the augmented reality in training and development remains a mystery to the companies themselves. New ideas and solutions are constantly pointed out, making it worthwhile keep a close eye on the next big trends in this medium.

And you, have any experience in the subject and would you like to complement the article with your experiences? So, leave your comment, in the field below!


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