What is the influence of the mental health program on the well-being of employees?

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What is the influence of the mental health program on the well-being of employees?

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According to a study by International Stress Management Association (ISMA), nine out of ten UK citizens in the job market show symptoms of anxiety. Of these, 47% suffer some level of depression, from mild to disabling. In this scenario, it is increasingly important for companies to implement a mental health program for employees.

After all, taking care of welfare of employees it is essential to keep satisfaction and productivity up. Healthy employees are happier, perform better and are likely to stay with the company longer.

For this reason, we explain in this article everything about the influence of the mental health program on the day-to-day of the organization. Check out!

What is a mental health program?

Mental health program is a set of initiatives that seek to take care of employees’ mental health, increasing the quality of life at work. Through prevention, identification, support and rehabilitation measures, the organization reduces the level of stress in the team, as well as the risk of problems such as depression and burnout.

In an increasingly competitive and demanding job market, this is a subject that needs to be seen as priority by companies.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression, the main cause of professional incapacity. About 260 million live with anxiety disorders, another serious problem in the psychological field.

But what causes these diseases? At work, the main risk factors for mental health are:

Therefore, the role of the mental health program is to propose interventions as part of an integrated strategy for quality of life and well-being. Thus, risk factors are minimized, ensuring that employees are in compliance. 100% of your physical and mental abilities to perform your tasks.

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How to implement a mental health program?

A guide published by World Economic Forum suggests three approaches to implementing a mental health program:

  • reduce work-related risk factors;
  • develop positive aspects in the work environment;
  • treat mental health problems regardless of the cause.

Check out more details about each one below.

Preventive measures

The first two topics concern the problem prevention and identification. First, the organization must work so that the corporate environment is not causative of mental disorders employees.

For that, it is necessary to build a positive indoor climate, develop good leaders and offer a balance between professional and personal life. This can be done with measures such as flexible schedules and home-office, for example.

It is also necessary to distribute tasks well, to prevent employees from becoming overloaded. Excessive workload increases stress, in addition to reducing the quality of deliveries. Always keep an adequate number of professionals in the team, so that the volume of activities is fair for everyone.

Create social interaction events, like parties, happy hours and even sports groups, also helps to increase the quality of life at work. Good relationships with colleagues are important to make the routine lighter, because this connection encourages the creation of bonds and improves teamwork.

Support and treatment

The other part of the mental health program it is related to support and treatment. Always offer assistance in cases of psychological disorders, regardless of whether they were caused by factors related to the company or not.

Search for understand the needs of employees individually and alert about support tools inside and outside the organization. Create campaigns mental health, content with tips on the subject and partner with specialized treatment clinics.

In this way, employees feel welcomed by the company and have access to appropriate measures to take care of possible psychological disorders.

What are the impacts of the mental health program for the company?

One mental health program well structured has several positive impacts for the company.

According to a survey carried out by University of São Paulo (USP), mental disorders are the third biggest cause of long absences from work in the UK. And this is not just a problem in our country.

Gallup research revealed that in the United States, professionals with depression lack, on average, nine days a year in service, twice as many employees with a healthy mind. The loss due to a fall in productivity reaches 19 billion reais a year.

Know your main benefit

This is where the main benefit of the initiative comes in. According to WHO, employers and managers who take measures to promote mental health in the workplace see high productivity gains on your teams. But despite that, only 18% of companies maintains a mental health program for employees.

The reason for this is simple: the increase in the quality of life generates more satisfaction, motivation and engagement at work. Without the malaise caused by depression or anxiety, professionals are able to focus more and deliver better results. Thereby, all investment made in the mental health program pays off quickly.

There are also other advantages, such as fall on turnoverea building a positive reputation for the company. An organization that takes care of its employees transmits an extremely positive image to the market, which facilitates the attracting and retaining good talent.

Every professional wants to work in a place that sees the human side of employees. This arouses the interest of the best candidates in the market to work for the company, in addition to making it difficult for people already hired to leave.

Therefore, we can affirm that the mental health program helps to reduce HR costs with hiring, such as opening selection processes and training for newbies.

Now that you know what the influence of the mental health program in the well-being of employees, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Get to know the company’s employees up close and implement measures to prevent and support mental disorders. Thus, you ensure that everyone is satisfied, focused and productive in their day-to-day work.

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