What is turnover management and how to structure in your company

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What is turnover management and how to structure in your company

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The turnover is the movement of inputs and outputs of company employees. Also called turnover, this is a great performance indicator for creating talent retention strategies.

In the current market scenario, who manages to make turnover management, creating actions to reduce this rate, manages to stand out and stay ahead of the competition.

For this, measures specifically targeted at employees are necessary. Since career plans, benefits and wages appropriate to the market.

In addition, in order to carry out an effective turnover management, the company must necessarily use some turnover indicators.

Among the main ones, we can highlight the average turnover rate, voluntary and involuntary turnover, retention rate and turnover costs.

But how to manage the turnover from this data and what are the main strategies to reduce the turnover rate of your company? Find out all about it in this article!

Tips to reduce the turnover rate

Whether due to a resignation (voluntary turnover) or dismissal (involuntary turnover), turnover is a serious problem that affects many companies.

And each output has a high cost for organization, both in contract termination as in the opening of new hiring processes. However, it is possible to contain the high turnover rate through the turnover management.

To help you in this challenge, we have separated some tips for your company to be able to reduce employee turnover. Check out!

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1. Design a more assertive hiring process

Being assertive in hiring processes makes all the difference in a turnover management effective. This is because hiring must be the first step to avoid a future exit.

To get the hiring right, it is necessary that the HR, along with the board and managers, have a detailed look at the vacancies and candidates. No hiring anyone just because you have a great resume.

The secret is to do a solid interview and even apply tests that put the candidate in the face of a situation that he will face in his day-to-day job.

Assess the personal and professional skills and characteristics, since, in addition to fitting the vacancy offered, it is necessary that he has the profile to adapt to company culture.

2. Create a good career path

Each and every employee aims for high flying career. Therefore, a good career and benefits plan is fundamental within a turnover management.

When the company is not only looking for results, but to grow side by side with its employees, the chances of making them satisfied increase. Thus reducing their chances of wanting to leave the organization.

That is why the career path becomes so important. From there, the employee has a vision of where he can get. There are clear goals and objectives for your growth in the company and it is easier to fight to achieve them.

This incentive for the professional to dedicate himself to the function, because his career will be valued, directly impacts a good turnover management and on decrease in turnover.

3. Listen to your employees and act on their dissatisfactions

Listening to what the employee has to say, what motivates him and what his dissatisfactions, can make all the difference in the development of actions within the turnover management.

Nobody better than your collaborator can show the reality of the organization. For this reason, feedbacks are just as important, as are internal questionnaires and brainstorming meetings.

It is important that your turnover management strategy based on the opinion of your team. In this way, the performance of the personnel department is focused on the points of the company that must be improved.

In addition, when you listen to your employees, actions are more assertive and strategies more effective in retaining talent.

4. Maintain a good working environment

One recent Globoforce survey with MarketTools revealed that 89% of people believe that the work environment directly influences their quality of life. That is, this may be one of the main reasons for your company's high turnover rate.

With each passing day professionals want to balance their personal and professional lives and do not think twice about leaving a toxic environment. Therefore, the work environment must not only have a good structure, but must make the employee happy and motivated.

That welfare of employees it depends on several factors, starting with leadership.

In the current scenario, people are no longer accepting toxic bosses who make excessive charges every day. The appreciation is for an environment where leaders walk together with employees both in problems and in success.

Another important point to highlight, adopted by many companies, are the environments of relaxation in companies. Many offer reading and game rooms, periodic massages, an on-site gym, etc. A very relevant initiative for the results of the organization is the creation of health programs, which work in the prevention of diseases, avoiding costs and losses in productivity with issues such as absenteeism, for example.

Every detail that makes the employee happier where he works, defines an effective turnover management as an ineffective one.

5. Recognize the good work of employees

Recognition at work is one of the high points of influence to retain a talent in the company. If a collaborator has the feeling that the company cares little for what he does, the tendency is to create dissatisfaction that in the future may cause an exit.

Inside the turnover management strategy professional recognition cannot be lacking. A simple compliment or positive feedback on a task because it is an incentive for the employee to engage with the organization.

One locomotive search showed that 96% of professionals they believe that the company should recognize their work by offering material benefits such as gift certificates, travel and money.

About that, 90% he thinks that a simple compliment already serves as an appreciation of his work and dedication to the company.

Therefore, we realize that regardless of the strategy, it is essential that there is recognition from the organization towards its employees. This can not only contribute to retaining talent, but also reducing turnover.

Turnover management can avoid turnover

THE turnover management it can not only prevent the departure of a collaborator, but also impact the company's productivity and results. That's because an unexpected resignation can overwhelm the team and hinder the continuity of processes.

Through a effective turnover management the company is cautious and, mainly, creates strategies to avoid the feared professional dissatisfaction. Ordinary good work environment, where the employee is valued, the trend is a decrease in turnover.

Reducing turnover not only brings greater results to the organization, but maintains a good image of it in the market. Contributing not only to retaining talent, but also to attracting new professionals.

Do you want to keep your company successful? Start by setting up a turnover management with the tips mentioned in this article and decrease your company's turnover once and for all.

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