What is workaholic and how to identify symptoms in a collaborator

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What is workaholic and how to identify symptoms in a collaborator

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You may have heard the term in some work conversation, but you know what is workaholic?

Workaholic is the professional who can't get away from work – literally. He spends a lot of time, after hours, carrying out his activities and often boasts about it.

However, this excess of work is harmful to the individual and also to the company, which is nurturing an environment of low personal well-being.

Having a sense of belonging, enjoying work and defending your brand tooth and nail are qualities you want in any collaborator. But it is important, however, not to confuse this with the characteristics of a workaholic, which only harms your professional.

It turns out that many companies tend to be charmed by this collaborator accustomed to spending hours and hours, after hours, in his work stall – without knowing that this is also detrimental to the desired results.

We will understand why your HR must learn to identify what is workaholic and the main symptoms to prevent the increase of this type of situation internally. Keep reading!

What is workaholic?

The term workaholic is not as recent as it sounds. It was first coined in 1971 by Wayne Oates, a psychologist who worked on understand the negative impacts of exhaustion that the workaholic may experience – and how much it creates the illusion that he works harder, and better, than his colleagues.

After all, which manager is not inspired to see his employee hours and hours, into the night, working in search of more results for the organization?

This factor, however, implies multiple care within the company. The main one is the wear that it can generate for the professional – a symptom that he tries to ignore because the workaholic carries a pathology in their behaviors. And below, we can identify the main ones:

  • internal and continuous pressure for results;
  • work is the focus of your conversations and interactions with colleagues – even in moments of relaxation;
  • their workload is evidently greater than that of other employees.

This already helps to guide HR and management to diagnose the workaholic employee in the company. Have you managed to identify a professional from there, based only on this information?

Impact of having a workaholic employee

It is common sense that all kinds of exaggeration is harmful to health – physical, emotional or both.

It's the workaholic it is not an exception on that list. Below are some of the factors that may limit efficiency and performance of this type of professional in the short, medium and long term, if no one offers assistance to him:

  • high levels of stress;
  • absenteeism due to this physical and psychological exhaustion;
  • low performance, since stress and high pressure translate into difficulties in concentrating and devising new solutions in the face of a new problem;
  • internal relationship problems, as this professional can charge colleagues the same posture that he assumes on a daily basis;
  • low engagement and job satisfaction over time. Especially, if the workaholic fails to obtain the desired results.

Based on such damaging impacts – qualitatively and quantitatively on the indices of its HR reports -, let's understand in depth how to identify a workaholic in the company?

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Workaholic: main symptoms

There are obvious and obvious symptoms of a workaholic as the predilection for staying late into the night.

But very often, few people are aware of this type of behavior. After all, HR will only know when to analyze this employee's point control and the manager can assume this attitude as something beneficial for achieving goals.

Therefore, it is important to note some specific aspects that help in the early diagnosis, avoiding that these actions are recurrent and, mainly, little fruitful for the professional development and the growth of the company:

  • they avoid socializing, as they are constantly “stuck at work”;
  • their workloads are, repeatedly, greater than those of their teammates;
  • anxiety, depression and insomnia are common characteristics, in the face of this type of professional – it is worth mentioning, however, that these causes may have another type of origin, which is convenient for frank conversation to understand whether HR and / or management can do something to help collaborator;
  • difficulty in reconciling personal and professional life – which also manifests itself in the problem of distinguishing passion for work and addiction to work.

If these behaviors are present in your workaholic employee, know that it is important to have prior planning to deal with the situation.

Otherwise, the negative consequences that we mentioned earlier can be established in the routine. Something impactful for both the employee and the company.

Of course, I'm relaxing, I'm on vacation. I am wearing flip-flops and resting on the beach.”| Workaholic: yes or for sure?

How to create an action plan to combat the workaholic profile

Let's see what is the joint role between management and HR to assist any exaggerated behavior of the professionals of your company.

# 1) Handle with caution

There is no point in banning overtime or extreme measures to turn off the computer after hours: an employee who is deliberately working overtime must be, above all, understood.

When you understand why he’s taking more hours off work, HR can guide you accurately. It’s no use, after all, cut the symptoms if we don't know the problem.

# 2) Empower management and your HR industry

The professionals involved must also know how to deal with the professional workaholic. Neglecting the importance of the matter is harmful, as are the unreasonable actions, as we saw above.

Therefore, everyone must understand their role, in this equation, to perform it according to the roadmap of actions planned to circumvent the situation and help the employee effectively.

# 3) Explore the theme with all employees

Run campaigns on the company's communication channels, hold meetings on the subject and reinforce the weight of this subject in performance evaluations.

Over time, all professionals will absorb the idea that the workaholic there is little to benefit from this, within the company's organizational culture.

Not to mention that the organization itself has a great responsibility in this: it’s critical to know how to split the entire workflow so that no area is overloaded.

If the work itself is optimized, there is less need for extend the hours worked. With this, employees will also not miss this need to spend hours and hours on the job.

There are still other options that you and your human resources specialists can take to limit your abusive behavior of a workaholic and qualify the services of your company, did you know?

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