What to look for when hiring a sales manager?

What to look for when hiring a sales manager?

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The sales manager is the professional responsible for forming a team, training, setting goals and monitoring results, that is, managing these people and the processes that involve them.

This professional thinks strategically, joining the knowledge he has about clients to the profiles that are part of the team. In addition, he explores to the maximum the meeting of these variables with the characteristics of the market.

The sales manager's job does not happen in isolation. He needs the work of his team to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. Therefore, you must be prepared to do excellent people management.

Does your company need a sales manager? Know what to look for when hiring this professional.


The day-to-day rush, which involves commitments, goals and customer service, causes many sales professionals to miss out on business and opportunities. So being organized is essential.

The sales manager is a leader and the way he deals with the work routine reflects on the attitudes of his team members. It is up to him to organize the schedule of professionals, define days off, prioritize vacations and set goals.

Your organization is essential so that everyone can work well-informed. Every day, at the sales meeting, he should take a look back at the day before — presenting the points that went well and the others that need improvement.

To find out if your sales manager candidate is organized, ask questions that reveal their self-management skills. Also check your level of proactivity and if you usually follow processes.


Another point that should be analyzed when hiring a sales manager is their posture. That professional who has frequent friction with his co-workers and a problematic history with clients does not have the most suitable profile.

The sales manager needs to be a professional who is open to dialogue and, at the same time, who knows how to listen. He is the focal point of an entire team and, for this reason, must be accessible so that he can guide everyone effectively.

As their attitude is reflected in everyone's daily lives, the sales manager must be charismatic and have a conciliatory profile — preventing small disagreements from turning into something bigger, capable of affecting the team's productivity.

During the interview, ask questions that prompt the candidate to talk about former or current co-workers. Also ask about the more difficult cases that involved serving disgruntled customers.


The sales manager who has a leadership spirit can lead the company to very positive results. This is an inspiring feature, which awakens the self-motivation of all employees.

When it comes to sales, the role of the leader stands out. It is the manager's responsibility to promote the union of all salespeople so that they achieve the proposed goals and objectives.

Leadership also has another fundamental role, which is to guide the team in relation to the posture that must be adopted on a daily basis. Good leaders are examples to those they lead, who demonstrate, through their own behavior, the ideal way to talk to the client and to behave professionally.

It is possible to identify the leadership in the personality of the job candidate. This can be done through tests that point out the power of persuasion, the ability to bring out the best in others, and responsiveness to feedback.


Just as the behavior of the sales manager is reflected in the attitudes of the team, their knowledge follows the same path. The unprepared manager finds himself lost amidst the doubts of those he leads.

The knowledge of this professional must be at an above average level, as it is up to him to guide others. In addition, he must be willing to learn more—including from his mistakes.

The change in consumer behavior, who researches and compares more the solutions he finds, also requires up-to-date knowledge from the sales manager. Through it, it is possible to become a multiplier agent.

Ask the sales director for help to prepare a questionnaire with the most important points for the routine of the area. It doesn't have to be theoretical, but it should specify the level of knowledge he has about the role he wants.

planning ability

The sales area is one of the areas that most experiences seasonality in the market. To survive the high demands of certain periods, as well as the low demands of others, the manager needs to know how to plan.

This involves choosing the right promotions, deciding when to hire or fire someone and the exact moment to close a deal. In addition to living in the present, the manager must keep an eye on the future.

To plan well, the professional must be able to analyze the reports referring to previous months and years. Their, insights can be withdrawn so the company can prepare for what is to come.

This is the ideal time for you to talk about the crises that have already happened at other times in this professional's career and understand how he dealt with them.

sales experience

One of the most common mistakes that companies make involves hiring excellent salespeople for the position of sales manager. They often associate their results with manageability — which is a mistake.

The fact is that an excellent salesperson may not have the profile to be a manager, as this involves the characteristics discussed so far. However, that doesn't mean that his experience has any less weight.

The experienced salesperson knows what the work routine is like and, through this knowledge, he is able to help his team overcome obstacles and overcome challenges. On a day-to-day basis it makes all the difference.

It is important to check the candidate's experience on their resume and, if possible, talk to their former managers. The results obtained by him during his experiences may not be exceptional, but they will reveal whether or not he has the aptitude for the intended position.

Now that you know the main characteristics that must be evaluated when hiring a sales manager, call your analysts and a representative of the area to outline the desired profile of this professional and prepare the questionnaire for the interviews.

Another aspect that you should analyze for this position and the others is the cultural fit of the candidates. Read the article, learn what it is and how to evaluate.


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