What your automatic vacation message says about you

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'Je quitte la plage le 16 août'

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Posted on Jul 21, 2021 at 7:04 am

The July sun is shining through the window, but you are stuck in the office, sending emails in a vacuum and receiving enviable: “I am away until August 8 inclusive. In case of emergency, please contact my colleague XXX ». Another one who is on vacation, and who does not dare to write the word. A phone call to this lucky one confirms that he is on vacation and that he has carefully avoided mentioning the reason for his absence. When asked why, this 25-year-old business manager explains that he simply repeated the message of absence from his colleagues, “As neutral as possible” : “Like that, no matter who contacts me, it's okay”. And then, he finally concedes: “The term ‘vacation' is not very professional …”

Antoine, he was happy to write the word ” vacation “. ” I did not care “, sweep away anyone who is looking for a new job today (no hasty conclusion!). 30-year-old Australian Peter's tactic to look good: make it clear “Holidays”, but specify that he regularly checks his emails.

Leave the doubt

For those who assume less, there is the ” I'll be back tomorrow “… Programmed every day, just to suggest a short-term absence.

Otherwise, there is this Slovak who leaves the office with the same message: “On a business trip / workshop / training / meeting / public holiday / vacation”. We can sometimes see it as a sign of laziness, sometimes of efficiency. Or a mastery of suspense.

And then of course there are those who never leave an absence message. We have identified three profiles:

– “Because I never answer my emails”, testifies a journalist.

“To avoid being robbed”, informs a Parisian.

“I never wear it, I forget every time!” “ comments Nicolas, still in a hurry to shut down his computer.

The details of the Out Of Office (OOO) are also a way to identify those with high responsibilities, used to leaving their number to reach in case of emergency. “I am a director, I have to be reachable”, justifies Alain, salesman of 58 years.

The parade: indicate that he can be reached by phone … without specifying the number. It is the one used by this Japanese director, who is not immune to the surrounding pressure. “Most Japanese people tend to give out their phone number to stay reachable, because they are very serious about their job, not to say addicts. “

Protect your privacy

Even in London, positions of high responsibility are less likely to cut completely. “According to the most recent studies, seven in ten active English people in 2021 consulted their emails or business calls during their holidays”, recalls Nolwenn Anier, doctor in social psychology, specializing in work-related issues. But for her, there would be no taboo linked to the word “vacation”. “Our societies certainly tend to overvalue working time, and in some areas, leave is frowned upon, but generally speaking, this is not the case. I would rather explain the omission of the word ‘leave' by a logic of protection of his private life ”, she analyzes.

Another reason for this omission: the desire to remain as standard as possible. “In reality, in these messages, people put little to themselves. A person who cares about his eight weeks of leave is not necessarily going to emphasize it in his message of absence. The OOO message is based on standards and codes that tell a general relationship to work, but not something personal ”, she develops.

Originality vs. risk

Sometimes, the internal dedicated automatic message can be a little more original. With its generator of absence message “very annoying to disgust your colleagues”, the media Merci Alfred plays the card of humor. The colleague who is about to go to Cambodia on vacation will be able to indicate his destination and the automatic message will be offered: “Courage, I'm sure it will be okay. I'm coming back on August 6, and until then, it's still not the Khmer to drink… ”.

But it's a bit risky. “I could imagine some fun messages but I don't know who is likely to receive them – my GM, a client?” So, when in doubt, I prefer to stay on a classic shape, comments Simon, university professor. However, I would dream of putting: ‘You are not tired of spending the day sending emails! ? Well, me, I disconnect until August X, send me an email again after this date, if I come back! 😂 ‘… Or:' GOOD ENOUGH NOW !!! 😡 I won't read your email! And even the one you send me when I get back from vacation, I'm not sure I read it. I will be too zen, relaxed, serene… I will not waste this beautiful energy. Give me a phone call, I'll tell you! 😀 ‘. ”

To try …


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