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According to the IBGE, the UK has 204 million inhabitants, of which about 50% represent our workforce, aged between 16 and 65 years. Of these, we will discount the approximately 12 million unemployed and another 10 million civil servants, whose jobs are differentiated. There are about 80 million people working, that is, 80 million jobs, whether as employees, professionals, businessmen or entrepreneurs.

We are experiencing a double crisis: that of government and that which reflects the mechanization and robotization of companies. Many jobs are being replaced by machines and software. Let's take the example of banks. Every day the automation of processes increases, so it is possible to predict that, in a few years, agencies will no longer be needed. The expectation is that there are only offices where account holders will resolve issues that they have not been able to resolve via the internet or ATMs.

In 2017, the expectation is that companies will grow again, albeit at a slow pace. If we consider that each year around two million people enter the job market, plus the necessary number of new jobs to absorb the unemployed, even generating 3 million jobs/year (a utopian number, which would require GDP growth of around 7% per year), it would still take about 12 years for everyone to work.

What does that mean? That there is a shortage of vacancies, there are workers left and the dispute for a job is fierce. So, planning and market insight can help you get out of the stats and find an active and, of course, rewarding professional life.

So where are the jobs? Clearly, it is possible to see good prospects in the areas of technology and automation. Due to conjunctural reasons, agribusiness remains on the rise, especially in areas that do not involve long-term financing. Likewise, the food industry, both in retail and in large retail chains, will continue to employ. There is a trend of improvement in civil construction, especially with residential and commercial buildings, which had few launches in 2016.

One aspect that cannot be overlooked by those looking for a job is entrepreneurship. Increasingly, having your own business proves to be a viable alternative for those who cannot find a formal job. It is necessary to study the market, prepare for the various typical situations of those who are going to undertake, choose the field both for knowledge and affinity. That way the chance of having a successful venture increases.

With this information (and other information that you can get on a daily basis, on the Internet, in the media) do your analysis and think about your perspectives. Watch the market and see where the vacancies that could be yours are. Go ahead and have a very successful 2017!


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