Who are the most wanted and highest paid developers in 2021?

Ce secteur fortement concurrentiel incite les recruteurs à s'intéresser à des profils plus atypiques

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Posted on Jan. 19, 2021, 5:52 p.m.Updated Jan 19, 2021, 6:26 PM

Nearly 15,000 developers and 300 recruiters around the world responded in the last quarter of 2021 to the Codingame recruitment platform survey. The English market is widely represented, constituting 25% of the professionals questioned and 50% of the panel of companies.

First observation: the developers are rather very confident. Asked about their level of confidence in being able to change jobs in 2021, the developers gave the average rating of 7 on a scale of 0 to 10. The same confidence index as last year, as if the crisis had not no impact on their employment prospects.

A confidence which is explained by the still important needs on these profiles. It turns out that the majority of companies (64%) plan to recruit up to 50 developers this year, according to the study. However, demand varies greatly across technologies, and wages actually impact wages.

Programming languages ​​Javascript, Java, Python in mind

For the third year in a row JavaScript, Java and Python are the most used programming tools by tech professionals, with more than half of developers mastering these three languages. However, nearly 60% of recruiters have major recruitment needs in JavaScript and Java.

On the other hand, with regard to other languages ​​such as Python, C or C ++, a strong imbalance between the skills sought and required exists. Thus, 45.1% of developers code in C, but only 15.4% of companies have development needs in C.

It should be noted that there are fewer and fewer typical paths to reach this job, recruiters are increasingly interested in atypical profiles. More than 80% of them say they recruit developers who have no training leading to a diploma, and more than one in three professionals consider themselves to be self-taught, trained through MOOCs, bootcamps, or other short training courses.

Jobs with contrasting salaries

Large wage disparities exist between the different programming professions. Software architects are the top-paid tech professionals with an average annual salary of $ 74,585. Conversely, developer testers or front-ends record an average of 34,946 dollars per year.

Disparities between occupations are also visible in the supply demand ratio. So while nearly half of HR feel that they will have difficulty recruiting qualified DevOps profiles, only 13% have the same concerns when recruiting business analysts.

Safety in the pole position of the sectors that pay the best

The salaries of tech professionals fluctuate greatly depending on the sector of activity. The highest paid developers work in the security industry with an average salary of around $ 56,000.

A difference of nearly $ 15,000 is to be noted with professionals who work in lower paying sectors such as public administration or IT service companies.



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