Why and how to control hours worked? + 3 tools

Why and how to control hours worked?  + 3 tools

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The control of hours worked is a requirement of CLT and says that every company with more than 10 employees must have the record of the point of these workers. It seems obvious that this determination is fulfilled. But, many organizations neglect the employee clock control and others do not know how to control hours worked.

If when we talk about negligence, you thought about absence of tools who can make this record, you're wrong! Some companies simply keep their messy documents, do not follow up as they should and leave the calculations and data on a bunch of hours to be desired.

The negative consequences of not having a control of working hours, because of this disorder, you will discover as you read this post. So, follow the content and receive some tips on how to control hours worked. learn more about fines for companies and the role of employees.

Lack of control of hours worked can lead to fines

If your company has never received supervisory bodies, it is only a matter of time before that happens. At one time or another the Ministry of Labor may appear without notice and any drop out of i can generate fines.

First, because when you are taken by surprise, whoever has disorganized files always leaves an important record behind. Thus, the labor inspector can interpret this lack of data or the disorder as fraud and fine the organization.

The role of the personal sector manager in relation to the control of hours worked is to be always up to date with regard to legislation and keep documents organized and up to date.

Otherwise, the absence or instability in the data may result, in addition to fines, in labor lawsuits and the replacement of overtime through payment.

That is, the charges can be high and bring financial losses to the company.

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We recommend that you download this free ebook. In it you will discover fundamental tips to prevent your company from receiving labor fines. Answer the form and receive:

The role of the employee in the process of how to control the hour bank

The disorganization in the control of hours worked is not always caused by the company or only harms the organization. Employees can also be responsible for the disorder or be directly affected by it.

The affected worker will not always sue the organization. However, this does not mean that the one who does not register the point correctly will not be able to file a labor action in the future.

There are several profiles of employees within a business. And among them are those who forget to make the point frequently, delay too much or work overtime more than is permitted by law.

So if you don't know how to calculate hours worked and you don't have control over the records, there's no way to know what's going on. This way, you lose the chance to solve the problem before you suffer the consequences of it.

Communicate to educate

The company must also prioritize internal communication.

Many workers have no idea of ​​the importance of the time clock and see the record only as a way to take time off, be controlled and monitored by HR. And this can create discomfort between contractors and contractors.

It is extremely important that managers are concerned with providing clarifications through corporate education, regarding the influence of this document on the company's legal progress and on the quality of life at work of these people.

O well-being and the promotion of a harmonious work environment are directly linked to how to control hours worked.

All this because the best way to prevent the employee from being overwhelmed is to manage their journey.

How to control hours worked? 3 suggestions to adopt in your company

Fortunately, keeping documents organized is not a difficult task and does not take up much time.

Currently, there are several ways to control the point of hours worked, each with its own particularities. Meet some of them:

1. Biometric point

This is perhaps the most practical and safe option on how to track hours worked.

Installation is usually simple and inexpensive, in addition to making differences between employer and employee difficult. This is because it is almost impossible to defraud this type of document, since each fingerprint is unique.

In addition, the biometric point allows the employee to have access to a voucher with registration, and it is possible to check and question any changes on the part of the company.

Security is a two-way street, because in this case, both the company and the worker are protected.

2. Barcode

If employees who work at your company have a badge with a bar code, this can be a great tool for marking the spot and general control of an employee's data.

Coding allows you to store some data about the individual and, when linked to a system, facilitates the work of HR on how to control the hour bank.

On the other hand, it is necessary that this method has a strict control so that there is no fraud, in addition to raising awareness among employees so that they know the consequences that a “phantom” record can generate, such as, for example, the difficulties faced if suffer an accident outside the work environment.

3. Cartographic Clock

Although the most traditional way of calculating hours worked and recording the point, the cartographic clock is falling out of favor due to biometrics.

It is true that this method of controlling hours worked is not very practical, but it helps companies that maintain a team of trusted employees in the finance department, who are almost retiring within the organization and still have the practice of making some notes on the card of each employee.

Tips to avoid problems with tracking hours worked

Although the company has a certain flexibility in choosing the most appropriate tool to control the hours worked, relying on technology in HR is undoubtedly the best way to avoid new problems.

Currently, the market makes several software available for an organization to be able to control not only the time clock, but all the pertinent information about an employee. It is also possible to have all of these reports stored in the most secure place that the network can offer: cloud storage.

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How it works

The entire routine of an employee duly registered at the entrance, at intervals and at the exit, is stored on a remote server that does not need to be downloaded, just a link to be accessed like any web page, at any time of the day and anywhere of the world.

The automation of HR processes, promote agility, practicality and organization with regard to employee management, with:

In this way, the company has its data protected and under total control. It is also protected for the occasions when it receives inspection or suffers any labor lawsuit.

We hope we have helped you learn more about how to track hours worked and understand the importance of having a system for organizing and tracking.

All of this is fundamental so that the company does not suffer the negative consequences that a labor action or a problem with the inspection can bring, and how technology and the involvement of employees are fundamental to achieve this objective.

If you still have any doubts about how to control your team's hours worked in a safe and assertive way, check out the Guide: How to do point control and working hours and stay on top of this subject!

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