Why and how to create a digital admission process?

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Why and how to create a digital admission process?

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The digital admission process is the most modern and appropriate alternative to optimize contractual processes, as it offers the automation of procedures and the reduction of corporate bureaucracy. The admission stages gain agility and more security, that's why the alternative is becoming more and more popular.

If you are tuned in to Human Resources (HR) market trends, you know that digital admission it is already a reality for the best companies in the world. Regardless of the area in which your company operates, the employment of digital admission software is essential.

Create a digital admission process makes the routine of the HR sector more productive, mainly because it allows the manager to dedicate himself to strategic and decisive tasks. THEs management tools promote improvements that affect the entire organizational environment.

The advantages are numerous, follow this post and get to know them all!

xerpa digital admission

How to create a digital admission process?

For create a process digital admission style=”font-weight: 400;”> appropriate, the HR sector needs to make a research on the software options available on the market and evaluate which is the ideal model for the company's reality. You will need to evaluate its various features, legal suitability and even the methodology that will be used to train your team.

When employing HR Consultants UK, for example, the management of the entire Personnel Department (DP) gains a new performance. Besides the automation of admission procedures, the software offers:

  • cadastral qualifications;
  • sending payslips;
  • vacation notifications and management;
  • notifications and absences management;
  • automation of the shutdown process;
  • connection with accounting;
  • and much more.

At activities of the entire Human Resources sector can be integrated and customized in the software, so optimization is guaranteed. THE HR Consultants UK transforms the relationship between the company and the employee, through technological tools that make this relationship less bureaucratic.

Software like HR Consultants UK offer more than ease, deliver with precision statistical and informational data of the company as a whole. Reports can be generated and opened in different software, such as Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Apple Numbers, giving more scope and credibility to the HR service.

What are the advantages of digital admission?

Now that you know how create a digital admission process, find out in detail the advantages it offers to your company's hiring process!

Time gain

The admission of a single employee may take days, from posting the vacancy to hiring. The process does not have to be so bureaucratic! With the help of technology, the hiring process can be done in just a few hours!

Using a suitable software, the HR you don't have to waste time analyzing given by given. The tool itself takes care of that. THEThe documents required for admission may be attached to the digital scenery before the candidate steps less in the company, ending the waiting time for sending this material.

The most important information for the admission process, such as address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, number of children, academic education, extra courses, training done at the company, will be available in one click.

>> HR Consultant UK has developed a Admission Process Sheet. With it, you will be able to guide this entire process effectively (and without leaving anything behind). Click here and download the file!

Improved security

Here, the choice of software is decisive. When opting for a complete management software you guarantee the security of any and all files attached to the tool.

Traffic and storage are done with appropriate technology, eliminating common risks, such as the incorrect digitization of files, problems in the search for old documents, incomplete admission kits, among others.

In addition, the software can also assist operations such as labor calculations, activity records, benefits control, integrations with other tools, among numerous functionalities, providing greater security for the company. Since, when poorly performed, these types of tasks can bring several significant losses.

Innovative Experience

One of HR responsibilities is to take care of the candidate's experience with the company. Ensuring that it is the best possible is the law, so impress from the start admission process and onboarding it is essential.

Allowing the new employee to arrive by accessing a high-level tool is an innovative experience, which will surely make you talk about it. Employees are the biggest ambassadors of your brandtherefore, it is vital to have a positive impression on your first contact with your company.

Promotes sustainability

Paper saving is perhaps the most striking feature of a digital process. Creating an online admission process is supporting the environment and generate a positive image of the company before the public.

Increased practicality

With the tool, documents can be completed, electronically signed and delivered online. The process is streamlined and the cost per contract is reduced.

Both parties benefit from the practicality of good HR management software.

Improvement in personal relationship

As we have already seen, digital integration frees up more time in the admission process. Therefore, face-to-face contact can be worked on in a more interesting and strategic way.

In addition to not having to worry about paperwork, the new employee has time to more personal discussions about the organizational culture of the company, job responsibilities, work flow, team dynamics, among others.

How to root the use of software in the organizational culture?

Create a digital admission process is a challenge, which cannot be done without considering organizational culture style=”font-weight: 400;”> from the company. This is a process that goes beyond deploying digital tools, it is a transformation that involves behavior.

So, for the digital admission process bring the expected optimization, it is essential that it is worked in accordance with the organizational culture.

The new workflows outlined by the use of the software must be taught, through training and dynamics that facilitate the assimilation of this new culture. Knowledge management needs to be done with great care and attention, mainly because it is a change.

Did you see how creating a digital admission process can optimize your company's results? Tell us in the comments how your company works the admission process!



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