Why and how to invest in technology in the personnel department?

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Why and how to invest in technology in the personnel department?

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Technological evolution has profoundly changed our way of life. Discussions are increasingly present, in all areas of daily life, related to artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, among other terms. And in the area of ​​human resources it is no different. Today, one of the big questions concerns the impact of technology on the personnel department.

Among specialists, it is practically a consensus that innovation not only brings benefits to the human resources sector of a company, but also helps to enhance the area as a whole. Something extremely necessary, as the personnel department is still seen as “smaller” among many companies.

But recent studies, carried out by highly respected consultancies, prove the direct link between the area's capacity and the performance of an organization. For Christian Orglmeister, one of the authors of BCG's Creating People Advantage report, who also substantiated the information, this is evident. “A strong HR is clear about the competencies that people need to develop and makes it clear so that they know what to do to grow and reach the next positions”, he said.

If you still have doubts if — and why — you should bet on technology in the personnel department, follow this text. In it, we will clarify the reasons for not running away from this investment.

Innovation with technology in the personnel department

No wonder, companies that always come out ahead in terms of innovation — precisely those that have this area as their main branch, such as Google, Facebook and some startups — already use technology intensively in their personal departments, setting a trend.

According to the Russian Anna Tavis, a professor at the University of New York and founder of the GlobalLabPlus consultancy, in an interview with Época, in addition to innovating, it is necessary to have a dialogue with other departments of the same organization. “We are in the midst of so many changes, promoted by globalization and the advancement of technology, that we need to think as if we were already in the future”, he said.

Tavis' opinion is in line with what Mariane Guerra (VP of Human Resources at ADP Brasil) wrote in an article published in VocêRH. She highlighted that human resources apps for tablets and mobile phones are examples of innovations that are already accessible.

The tools, according to the expert, facilitate recruitment through social media. Another advantage, according to her, is the possibility for Human Resources professionals to have a different work dynamic, in addition to a better view of employees.

War is not alone in this perception. According to a survey conducted by the ADP Institute, technology will soon allow for more and more independence. Employees will be able to manage their productivity and performance while receiving real-time feedback.

Improvements to an automation software

In a practical way, technology in the personnel department brings countless benefits to the day-to-day of a company. Check out some:

1. Allows greater control of information

The software can enable the decentralization of information by offering a corporate channel. The data obtained can help leaders and managers to better understand the team, in addition to carrying out processes faster.

These advantages are among the many allowed by automation software. The tool offers, among other things, a means of acquiring information. Furthermore, it allows the recording, analysis and distribution of this data. Which can be related to the operational, tactical or strategic part of the Human Resources sector.

As the saying goes, information is power. And as the aforementioned research showed, there is a direct relationship between what is done in the personnel department and the success of a company. If used well, this data can reflect on the market.

2. Reduces errors

In the organization's day-to-day activities, the benefit is evident: the tool increases efficiency and reduces the risk of errors. A simple example would be with Payroll calculations. It is necessary to think about issues such as legislation and the respective collective agreement, with correction, agility and respectability. The software does it all.

Another benefit is related to dates throughout the year: who and when goes on vacation and when they return; deadlines for sending the payroll to the financial sector; holidays; company anniversary; team events. Quality software can give an overview of these dates and notify the owner when they are close.

The program can also contribute to productivity as it eliminates the need for long conference hours due to errors. Which may have been indicted for human error.

3. Generates savings

The advantages do not stop there. HR tends to consume a lot of paper and energy. The savings provided by the software can free up budget. The amount, depending on the company, can be reinvested in other areas. Furthermore, automation brings more security. After all, the information stored is all digitized and is stored on the organization's local or remote servers.

There is also the assurance that the material, unlike paper, will not deteriorate over time.

If the accumulation of paper would bring storage problems, among others, the gathering of information with the software, over time, only brings advantages. With more and more company processes structured and, consequently, automated, it will be easier to access a huge volume of information. This will make situations that require a lot of attention to be properly designed and executed effectively. And everything planned.

4. Facilitates the selection process

If the software already allows a greater view of the team and procedures that are already part of the company, it is to be imagined that in a selection process this would also happen. In fact, the work of manually choosing resumes can be automated through the program.

The tool crosses data based on pre-determined requirements by the company. From there, it selects the profiles that can meet the expectation of the vacancy available.

The control of training needs and qualifications carried out, management of performance evaluations, control and management of PPE's, among other activities, can also be automated.

As you can see, the advantages of investing in technology in the personnel department are numerous and are directly related to the productivity of the team. The results? They appear in various forms: process optimization, error reduction and financial return.

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