Why hire an HR consultancy? 5 direct benefits

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Porque contratar uma consultoria de RH

Table of Contents

What is HR Consulting? Why hire an HR consultancy? Do you know the benefits of this job?

HR consulting is a service that aims to diagnose the company's needs in different areas, with the main goal of managing professionals.

In this article we'll talk about the advantages and reasons why hiring an HR consultant. How this service can help your company to develop, whether in terms of bureaucracy or strategy – linked to the development of your human capital.

Why hire an HR consultancy: what are the benefits?

People management has a fundamental role in the success of companies and many have been seeking support in HR consultancy for develop your collaborators.

But after all The is HR Consulting? There are many roles this role can play within a company. In addition to organizing all bureaucratic parts, the HR consultancy is responsible for managing human capital. Mainly with regard to the optimization of payment processes, such as payroll management, and benefits.

Having trained, organized and constantly improving professionals is investing in the company's future, and one of the answers to why hire an HR consultancy.

For these reasons, this role that HR consultancy provides has become an important part of business processes.

HR consulting can also support activities such as:

For this reason, institutions are increasingly choosing to hire HR consultants. To thereby:

  • develop the knowledge of their professionals;
  • improve processes;
  • become more competitive.

Internal HR consulting and its benefits

With HR consulting, the time spent on bureaucratic activities is now used to:

  • plan actions;
  • improve processes;
  • run motivational campaigns.

In addition, consultants can contribute research on new technologies. In this way, offering alternatives in recruitment methodologies and modernizing the strategic remuneration plan.

Below we list some advantages and reasons why hiring an HR consultant:

  • Payroll Management;
  • Administration of hours worked;
  • Monitoring of employee performance;
  • Organizational structure;
  • Inventory plan management;
  • Administration of benefits offered by companies.

How to choose the best HR consultancy?

Here are some tips to reflect on before choosing an HR consultancy:

  • Hiring a consultancy can impact professionals with many years of experience. So be willing to have someone point out mistakes and suggest changes;
  • Before the final decision, budget the service with at least five companies. Values ​​and type of consultancy vary widely;
  • Do research on the consultancy you want to hire. Knowing the company's tax and legal history can prevent problems;
  • Ask about past clients and the type of work the consultancy has done for them.

The Advantages of HR Consulting

If you are still in doubt about internal HR consulting and its benefits, and in which areas HR consulting can contribute to your company's routine, we have selected a few points below.

1. Recruitment Processes

An HR consultancy does not take on the responsibility of disclosing the company's vacancies, but can contribute so that they can be made more assertive hires.

The consultants have market expertise and have recruitment and selection strategies and techniques for attract the right candidates.

In addition, HR consulting can prevent a company from making wrong decisions about a new employee. Thus helping to find the professional with the ideal profile for the position.

Read more at: 7 types of professional profile: Discover the most common and know how to identify them

In this way, unnecessary expenses with hiring, training and training employees are minimized.

2. Strategic planning

One of the answers to why hiring an HR consultant is to increase effectiveness for your company.

Usually the preparation of these consultants is the support to assemble an effective strategic plan. They can contribute to the development of professionals and the effectiveness of processes.

With a holistic view of the company, the HR consultancy manages to identify the company's main problems and draws a plan so that errors are corrected.

Thus, it is possible for the company's leaders and owners to carry out planning for greater results.

3. Time optimization

Many companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, hire an HR consultancy for support in carrying out the tasks of responsibility in this sector.

By hiring an HR consultancy, it is possible to save time for efficiently manage departments.

4. Decision making to expand the company

Is it time to expand your business?

Many managers do not know the right time to take an extra step in the organization's growth. Deciding to expand your business is not always an easy task, due to the high expenses to be assumed.

A major development of the company requires managing and hiring more people, but this decision is a delicate one.

One more reason why hiring an HR consultancy is because it contributes to the needs mapping in:

  • hiring;
  • training;
  • training.

Thus, it is easier to know where you are stepping and when is the right moment to take a risk when deciding expand your business, having more chances of success.

5. Process automation

Process optimization, financial return and cost reduction, these are some of the benefits of HR process automation.

One of the alternatives is to find an internal HR consultancy and count on its benefits to make your day-to-day easier. Many HR consultancies adopt management software to put companies ahead of others in the market when it comes to innovation and technology.

Automating bureaucracies can reduce human errors and speed up task resolution.

When defining and choosing an HR consultancy, do a research on your vision in relation to technology and automation in the sector.

Conclusion, why hire an HR consultancy?

We saw what internal HR consulting is and its benefits, with an increasingly aggressive market, the updating of methods and technology needs to be constant to improve the competence of the sector. Since, normally, this sector is compromised by excessive bureaucratic activities.

HR consulting can improve the sector competence and even help in the structuring of a department in the case of new or small companies.

Another reason to hire an HR consultancy is for support in case of crisis in the department, when processes are messed up, inefficient and the turnover rate is high.

In these cases, the HR consultancy applies a diagnosis to find out what the problems are and write a report with guidelines providing a more impartial view.

And if you're thinking about automating your company's processes even more, check out our article “Why invest in technology in the Personnel Department?”

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