Why is self-management for senior positions essential?

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self-management. In recent years, this word has gained strength in the business vocabulary and has become an essential feature for those professionals who occupy high positions in organizations.

And that didn't happen by accident. After all, knowing yourself and knowing how to be more productive and motivated at work are goals of those who dream of career advancement.

But how can managers and companies themselves awaken this need in their employees? This is what we will explain in this article. Here, you will understand the concept of self-management, the essential points of practice and also how to get the best out of this methodology. Check out!

The concept of self-management

The concept of self-management is linked to the ability to manage oneself. It does not necessarily only work with self-employed professionals. In fact, organizations have increasingly valued this feature in order to encourage employees to seek to develop in the area in which they work, without having to take orders from other people.

This means that the ability to self-manage is knowing how to define the goals for one's own development, and the stimuli must come from the person himself. In other words, it is nothing more than adopting a proactive stance in relation to one's own career. It is through him that self-control of bad impulses and attitudes is practiced.

However, before applying it, there are fundamental previous actions to be successful, as we will see below.

The essentials of self-management

It is a fact that self-management offers a series of advantages for those who decide to follow it. However, for these achievements to be palpable, it is necessary to know the essential points that constitute it. Follow up!


In self-management, the professional has much more autonomy. Therefore, he needs to be disciplined to maintain the high quality of his work and continue to develop. That doesn't mean he won't have external direction, but his career success will depend much more on personal effort.

Having discipline in self-management means knowing how to manage time and tasks well. She is the one who will help in the commitment and execution of the work.

Identification of weaknesses and strengths

Self-management is only possible when professionals identify their strengths and weaknesses and work from them. For this, it is essential to understand what your skills are, what are the differences in relation to professionals in the same area, what are the weaknesses that need to be addressed more urgently, among others.

It is from this knowledge that the individual will be able to define the skills to become more productive and a more qualified professional. The manager who manages to encourage the practice has more time to work at strategic points of the company, something essential, especially if we analyze the current competitiveness of the market.

Ability to organize deadlines

Once again we talk about the importance of discipline, but this time about a new bias: the ability to organize deadlines. The company needs to be prepared to motivate employees so that they complete tasks within the given deadlines, without having to send them to take any action.

This organization helps to give more consistency to the execution of tasks and to strengthen the commitment of professionals to the company. Consequently, this is reflected in more satisfactory results for the company.

Actions to be more successful in self-management

Some tips are very useful when it comes to taking better advantage of self-management. Through it, it will be possible to better meet the demands and requirements of the market, but also prepare individuals to develop further.

Work on emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a highly valued trait in today's job market. It can be defined as the ability to control emotions and also have empathy for the other individuals around you in the company.

For this, it is important to help employees identify those situations that make them lose control and act on impulse, which can have negative consequences for posterity. Helping them to have this self-awareness will make building emotional intelligence much more effective.

Get out of the comfort zone

Many professionals believe that self-management is just about continuing to do more of the same. On the contrary, it is useless to know the techniques of the methodology and not put them into practice on a daily basis. Therefore, it is necessary to make employees aware that if they continue to act in the same way, the results will not be different from what they already know.

It is essential to work for the employee to act more proactively, if what he wants is to rise professionally or if he already holds high positions. This includes investing in more technical training, offering scholarships and other benefits that help you to train and even become a better leader.

Seek help when needed

Many professionals who occupy high positions believe that a higher hierarchical position means that they have all the knowledge and do not need outside help. In fact, things don't work out that way.

Even managers need help to develop. At this point, nothing better than a career coach — and even the employees who work directly with him — to help you.

The first will help you to develop your maximum potential, while the second will be a source of information about what to improve in everyday life.

control the goals

To accelerate the achievement of goals, the professional in a high position needs to monitor and control the goals. In the first case, he needs to know how to develop and achieve better results. In control, he will make a more accurate analysis of the paths being followed and if the actions match the desired results.

A proactive attitude is the best way to identify opportunities, detect failures, motivate yourself and achieve consistent and valuable results. Therefore, it is always good to be aware of goals and, if necessary, change them. After all, in self-management, the individual himself dictates the pace of his professional performance.

A person who seeks more autonomy and professional satisfaction needs self-management. This work methodology allows greater power over one's career and the achievement of goals in a more practical way.

So, did you like the content? Are you ready to apply self-management techniques in your career? So, keep informed and read this article about prejudice against women in executive positions.


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