Why manage human capital with technology?

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Why manage human capital with technology?

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Human capital is a term popularized by Gary Becker, of the University of Chicago, and used to explore the value of human resources in aggregating economic and strategic levels through knowledge and innovation. And therein lies the fundamental role of HR in managing human capital with technology to provide a more productive and unforeseen environment.

To the manage human capital with technology, companies create a new relationship with their most valuable assets. After all, it is through the use of digital solutions that performance is monitored, identifies potentially problematic situations and innovative solutions are observed for each one.

In this context, your company's HR must definitely assume, the strategic role in the organization – and this is where the use of a 100% online solution, such as a HR Consultant UK management software, makes all the difference.

Therefore, we invite you to continue with this reading, to understand how managing human capital with technology can put your company at a high level of performance, focusing more and more on results with safety and harmony in the work environment!

What is human capital?

Capital tends to refer our concepts and thoughts to some economic aspect, only that it has been used for a long time as an aggregating element in social relations too.

It all started with the teacher Gary Becker, from the University of Chicago, which defended the use of the term human capital – and not just as a quantity to be measured within the company. For him, there is a combination of elements in a value equation, yes, and it should be determined based on how much a professional adds to the company in terms of:

  • economic and strategic;
  • creative;
  • of experience and approximation with elements of innovation.

And it is from the qualities mentioned above that we can understand the value of manage human capital with technology in your company!

What is the role of HR to manage human capital with technology?

In the technological context, the HR sector has assumed an increasingly intrinsic role in the development of its professionals and, consequently, that of the company itself.

All because the sector can monitor and follow a series of indexes and metrics that value the organization's objectives, such as employee productivity, absenteeism rates and even the collective degree of satisfaction, motivation and engagement of all teams.

Consequently, it is easy to see which employees are truly human capital within the organization, and which are working in “Automatic mode” or even without any provision.

However, in addition to this issue, HR can help manage human capital with technology by anticipating the consequences mentioned above: it can be the cause of these positive values ​​in the company's day-to-day activities.

And you know how? Imagine that, through management software, the sector automates a good part of its tasks and has more free time to identify new ones. insights to employees.

Or, still, that the indices measured in the last performance evaluation point to the need for alternatives to improve the employees' experience.

Realize how these issues are easily diagnosed with technology and also how the use of process automation features add more availability to your HR specialists to focus their efforts on this type of activity, exclusively.

Is this trend temporary or consolidated?

The digital transformation is here to stay. The same can be said of management software and the automation of mechanical and repetitive activities. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is necessary, from now on, manage human capital with technology.

After all, we saw earlier that many roles have been reversed in recent years – and the role of HR, in the meantime, has been largely revolutionized.

Want an example of this? It is no longer (solely) the company's management who points out a necessary change of direction in the company, and notifies the HR so that the action is carried out. As we have seen, the sector currently has the information at hand, so this new direction may start from the HR sector itself.

As a result, regardless of the size of your human resources team, there is a way to manage human capital with technology and in a way that is closer to the company's leaders. Not surprisingly, the profile of the HR professional was gradually transformed as well.

Now, these experts must understand technology, the management aspects of human capital and, of course, all information about the personnel department and the current labor laws. All because the sector itself has acquired a more strategic and highly diversified aura within the company.

Where to start the digital transformation in HR?

For now that we have seen the importance and role of HR in managing human capital with technology, how about we check out how to go from theory to practice? Below, we selected some tips for your human resources sector to take on this competitive differential to gradually qualify your brand!

Analyze and update your organizational culture

Start by assessing the company's own organizational culture. Are the processes still rigid and inflexible? Is management vertical and does not open space for collaboration? Are the technologies used outdated and is there not the slightest trace of your brand's digital presence on the internet?

Well then, the assessment of your culture can be the first step to be taken to manage human capital with technology. Don't skip steps: align your company with the big trends and, at the same time, focus on internal development to attract and retain your motivated and engaged talents.

Deploy new technologies

Having evaluated the new culture of the company, identify which technologies can help in the valorization of its human capital and how to provide more quality and productivity in the work environment.

For this reason, we mentioned, at the opening of this text, the strategic application of management software such as the one HR Consultant UK has to offer. It is a solution that contributes, in multiple ways, to the qualification of its work in managing human capital with technology – something that goes from the process of admission to the ccontrol on vacation, payment and dismissal of employees. Click here and schedule a demo of the platform!

Have you met HR Consultant UK?

The company came up with a clear inspiration in the methodology of the Himalayan Sherpas: offering expertise and quality equipment to assist the intrepid adventurers who challenge their limits to climb the steepest and highest mountains in the world!

In the corporate environment, the mission is similar and so are the means to achieve the objectives. That's why HR Consultant UK stands out as a differentiated company, which understands the demand and the needs of the market to supply them with complete software, which helps to manage human capital with technology and, consequently, develops your company in a sustainable and safe way!

Still don't know the potential that technology has to offer for the management of your HR sector? Then, share your most challenging experiences on that subject, and we will expand the discussion for you to make sure that the digital transformation has also arrived to qualify your management in human resources!


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