Why preserve the mental health of your employees?

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Why preserve the mental health of your employees?

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The fast pace of corporate routine, tight deadlines, tight competition, pressure for high performance, demand for performance, among other factors can negatively affect the organizational environment, and, consequently, the welfare of your workforce.

Therefore, as important as encouraging productivity is to adopt care that ensures the psychological vitality of the worker. To preserve the mental health of its employees, the company can provide actions such as:

  • conduct educational lectures;
  • conduct satisfaction and climate surveys;
  • create spaces for relaxation;
  • create wellness programs;
  • create a feedback culture;
  • giving psychological support;
  • pay attention to the worker's stress level.

Preserving the mental health of its employees is an essential care to ensure well-being and quality of life in the workplace.

If you want to know more about essential care that the company must have with its workforce, we recommend reading this material.

And to help you understand how to preserve the mental health of your employees with quality and efficiency, we have prepared this post. Follow and learn to take care of the most valuable instrument of any organization, its employees. Good reading!

What is mental health in the workplace?

It is very common for responsible companies to offer health care programs, but they are usually focused on the physical. Activities such as gyms, group walks, workshops, among others are often offered. However, few organizations develop programs to preserve the mental health of their employees.

As they manifest themselves silently, mental illnesses end up being neglected and the consequences of these mistakes can be disastrous. Diseases such as depression, anxiety, demotivation, attention deficit, compulsion, among others, can compromise organizational evolution.

Companies must pay attention to offering care that ensures the subjective state of the workforce, creating a healthy and adequate environment. And to preserve the mental health of employees, the organization must adopt some special measures, which we will address later.

What risk factors should the company avoid?

According to the United Nations (UN), the main risk factors for workers' mental health are:

  • harassment;
  • bullying;
  • stress;
  • excess of work;
  • working hours inflexible;
  • threat of unemployment.

Such risk factors include inadequate management policies, poor working environment conditions, toxic organizational climate, assignment of tasks unattached to the skills of employees, inefficient communication, lack of autonomy and freedom, absence of support from leaders, among others.

That is why, it is essential that the organization offers social support and allow the employee to be able to perform his / her role with respect, care and security.

Employers and managers who take initiatives to preserve the mental health of their employees reap gains that go beyond well-being of your workforce, gain from their commitment, loyalty, satisfaction and productivity.

What are the benefits of preserving the mental health of your employees?

Preserving the mental health of your employees is important because psychological disorders are the main cause of leave from work. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people suffer from depression, which is one of the most disabling diseases in the world.

Check out the main benefits of taking care of mental health:

  • to care for the well-being of the worker;
  • offer quality of life at work;
  • decrease the incidence of disease;
  • reduce the absenteeism;
  • decrease the rate of turnover;
  • improve interpersonal relationships;
  • optimize productivity.

What does the company do to preserve the mental health of its employees?

Now that you know the organizational benefits of preserving the mental health of your employees and the problems of neglecting this issue, check out some tips on what the company can do to ensure its vitality.

Conduct educational lectures

A very important practice to preserve the mental health of its employees is education. Through lectures it is possible to break the taboo that surrounds the issue and teach what psychological care really is about. Thus, the company encourages preventive care, respect and rehabilitation.

Conduct satisfaction and climate surveys

Accomplish satisfaction surveys it's from climate they are smart measures to identify the employee's well-being levels. In this way, the company knows the possible sources of emotional and mental stress, having a database to outline correction strategies.

Create relaxation spaces

Another interesting action to preserve the mental health of its employees is the offer of spaces for relaxation. Whether taking a nap or practicing some leisure activity, such as playing video games and pool, offering a space to escape corporate stress is a differential benefit.

Create wellness programs

Creating wellness programs also has exceptional mental health benefits. Classes of yoga and meditation for example, in addition to physical gains, they develop the employee's cognitive side, relieving stress symptoms.

Create a feedback culture

Feedback is also a practice to preserve the mental health of your employees. Having the perception that they are being heard, perceived and recognized for their work, the employee tends to be more satisfied and less stressed.

Give psychological support

Another indispensable action is psychological support. Providing help and guidance to employees who are sick or who are likely to develop a mental disorder is essential to ensure the quality of life of their employees. Showing empathetic concern can be a differential for the rehabilitation process.

Pay attention to the worker's stress level

It is also important to be aware of the worker's stress level. Thus, preventive measures can be adopted in time, preventing the employee from becoming ill and more serious problems from occurring.

Each individual faces everyday situations in a way, and not everyone has the same psychological structure to support them. Therefore, it is important that the organization develops support programs and creates conditions to preserve the mental health of its employees.

With the right care and the necessary support, the company strengthens the well-being of its most valuable instrument and reinforces its possibilities for growth and evolution.

Important, right? So, share on your social networks with those who may also need this information to preserve the mental health of your employees!



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