Why they decided to sign an interim CDI

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The interim CDI – sometimes abbreviated CDII – was designed to allow temporary employees to combine professional experience and training actions in a secure environment. This with a view to developing their employability. Officially born on March 6, 2014, it took a good year to set up, before a timid takeoff the second and finally a rise in power the third. The objective of creating 20,000 temporary permanent contracts over the first three years has been achieved, according to the study carried out by Prism'emploi in July 2017, with a rate of 800 to 1,000 CDII signatures per month.
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To have a longer-term vision

By signing an interim CDI in January 2017, Samuel Rabot had a primary desire: benefit from a stability that I did not have “. At the age of 32, he had hitherto chained interim missions on the side of Bain-de-Bretagne, in Ille-et-Vilaine, without being able to envisage the future other than in the short term. “The CDII makes it possible to envisage a career over the longer term”, he believes. Since signing his contract, he has benefited from a fixed salary with five weeks of paid vacation per year and mutual insurance. “I was placed in three different companies but staying within a radius of 20 kilometers around my home, as stipulated in my contract, and in trades related to my skills: furnace operator and press operator for the metallurgical industry. ”

To gain self-confidence

More stability in one's professional life makes it possible to envisage the future with more serenity. This is also the opinion of Kevin Halotel, 22, forklift operator in CDII in Verneuil-sur-Avre in the Eure. “This contract is synonymous with security,” he said. Having signed a CDI gives me self-confidence and reassures me about my professional development. »Since October 2015, date of signature of his CDII, Kevin Halotel has learned to master the IT tools of stock management, a know-how that he might not have taken the trouble to acquire by chaining missions for different employers.

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To benefit from funded training

The CDII is interesting in that it also makes it possible to get funding for vocational training and therefore consider retraining. This is for example the case of Anthony Causal, who is currently completing his one-month training course in installation of electricity meters. “Previously an oyster farmer, I wanted to reorient myself professionally. A temp agency offered me this CDII with key training and ensured work, with a first mission of 36 months in the installation of meters, a great opportunity. “”For this 38-year-old Rennais, paid 1,400 Pounds net per month, this funded retraining is a godsend:” I know for whom I am going to work, who pays me, how much I earn and I have the assurance of being paid by the temp agency even when the meter installation company is down. ”

To more easily obtain a bank loan

Roller-tester for the automotive sector in the Essonne department, Youssef Belkheir just signed a CDII in December 2017. A godsend according to the 42-year-old: ” With banks, it is considered a real CDI, which makes it easier to obtain loans for real estate, for a car or for consumption.. “A motivation also shared by Samuel Rabot:” The CDII rebalances the balance of power with the banks compared to the simple interim contract. ”

For more administrative simplicity

Youssef Belkheir still sees an advantage in the CDII: “Administrative simplicity. We deal with only one employer, his temp agency. It is much less constraints, the missions are linked more easily and it is less paperwork to manage. “Simplified procedures, it is also an argument which convinced Anthony Causal:” Everything can be done by Internet and by e-mail, it is a contract as readable as any other classic CDI. ”



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