With HR Consultant UK we go further than just the Microsoft Academy

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Microsoft Academy

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Microsoft programs and software are of course indispensable in today's IT landscape. HR Consultant UK therefore offers various training courses that support your organization and employees in developing their skills around Microsoft software programs. In this, however, we go much further than, for example, the Microsoft Academy itself. In addition to Microsoft, we offer training courses for many other software programs. In total there are more than 500 training courses and over 45,000 e-books and videos available.

Only customization

You can of course participate in online training courses via the Microsoft Academy, for example for Windows Server 2016, Cloud systems, App development or database development. However, HR Consultant UK ensures that these training courses are explicitly offered in a learning environment that is tailored to your organization and IT issues.

Moreover, we not only offer tailor-made solutions, but also personal guidance and learning paths that match the desired skills and objectives of your employees. Where and when they need it. Unlike the Microsoft Academy In this way we offer a total solution that is completely tailored to your organization.

Optimal flexibility in your own learning environment

HR Consultant UK offers training for all Microsoft Academy disciplines, but as mentioned above, tailors them completely to the personal needs and skills of your employees. In this way, the training best suits your current situation and daily activities.

It is also possible to tailor your academy completely to your own layout. For example, the training courses can be followed in an environment in your house style, whereby a familiar environment is created for your employees thanks to, among other things, your own dashboard.

The training can also take place at any time of the day and is available on all devices. HR Consultant UK also keeps track of the progress of your training courses in order to further optimize the IT knowledge development of your employees. This way you can adapt the training program at an individual level to your own liking. In contrast to Microsoft Academy, we strive for a continuous learning system.

HR Consultant UK also offers the possibility to set up your own network, which promotes the exchange of knowledge between colleagues.

Besides Microsoft Academy also other software

Despite Microsoft's many IT applications, there are many other software programs that are an important part of daily business operations.

HR Consultant UK therefore also offers IT training aimed at programs such as Oracle, SAP, Adobe, Citrix, Cisco, Java (and many other programming languages), etc. Here, too, we tailor the knowledge development completely to your wishes and business situation. From HRM to marketing and from purchasing to sales. We offer suitable IT solutions for all your employees and functions.

Continuous development of your IT training

At HR Consultant UK we are constantly working to further develop our training courses, so that the knowledge we offer is up-to-date with all possible IT solutions and software programs. You can therefore assume that the IT development of your training courses is always up to date.

U.S customer success team works closely with you in this regard and is happy to help. HR Consultant UK understands that your IT goals can change. Thanks to our flexibility, we can always respond immediately and offer a suitable solution. Our mission is therefore to make continuous knowledge development a success together with your IT professionals.

Start your Microsoft training today

Are you looking for a total solution for Microsoft training courses that go beyond the Microsoft Academy or are you looking for other software training courses? Then immediately request a no-obligation and free consultation to see what we can do for the IT knowledge development of your company.

However, do you want to know what the current IT knowledge of your employees is doing? Then use our free Quickscan. This gives you direct insight into the skills and knowledge level of your IT employees.


HR Consultant UK can help if you have any questions about With HR Consultant UK we go further than just the Microsoft Academy
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