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Posted on Feb 22, 2021 2021 at 15:29Updated Feb 22, 2021 2021 at 16:58

Does the project of a more egalitarian society, a great cause of the five-year term, have lead in the wing? A little over three years ago, MeeToo – and speech finally released – seemed to mark a watershed in a reinvigorated fight after decades of stagnation.

Since ? We are tracking progress in business, in schools, and even at home! Optimists will list: feminization of boards of directors, establishment of the Professional Equality Index for companies, extension of paternity leave … The less convinced fear that the economic and health crisis will cause us to lose ground . We question the policy of small steps. And then, can we / should we still believe in “female leadership”? How can women help make a society / business fairer?

The menu of this 10-page file:

– Our survey: “Gender equality at work: why is it still getting stuck? “

– These women who are more and more numerous to assume the label “woman-quota”

– The platform of the director of Solvay who prefers to forget the quotas and bet on mentoring, as well as the platform of the president of the Club XXIe siècle for whom competence has neither gender nor skin color

– Men's blues in the age of quotas

– An article bringing together several testimonials: “I am the only woman on my team … and things are going well!” “

– An exclusive interview with four directors of higher education (Skema, Web School Factory, 42 and the School of Industrial Biology) who tell us how they prepare young students to become the leaders of tomorrow.



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