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They will read your CV or they may not even ask you! “If a candidate feels that he has mastered the necessary tools, he will be easily interviewed, even without the right diploma,” says Marlène Escure, Director of Recruitment London at Gfi Informatique. The proof: this company regularly organizes recruitment evenings… without a CV. “” We have more than 300 jobs posted on average and rarely enough candidates. We have tried this disruptive approach and it works. Concretely, we have thus met many excellent profiles and enthusiasts who had largely trained on their own. »Difficult to cheat on his skills: candidates are quickly in a situation and the employer is quickly fixed on their technical skills. “You don't necessarily have to leave a major school to claim a career in this sector …”

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Recruiters open to new profiles

Employers have indeed learned to adapt. “Digital technology is a sector where there is still a dearth of developers, for example,” says Stéphane Boukris, associate director of the firm Ametix. There are plenty of groups with digital transformation projects and not enough technicians to build these networks. »There are not enough developers on the market, and not all of them have mastered the latest technologies. All the more reason, according to this expert, to be open to new profiles. “You have to be pragmatic. We don't know how to build these networks just because we went to school. These technician positions can be occupied by self-taught “geeks” or by profiles who would have pursued their training alone.. “

“The only prerequisite: having the motivation and the interest necessary for these subjects. It is then up to the candidate to provide the personal work alongside and to extend his apprenticeship in a company.”

This is good news for atypical profiles: perhaps without a diploma, but not without interest or motivation! Because in the end, this growing sector is thus opening itself up to certain autodidacts. ” In our sector where everything changes very quickly, initial training becomes one criterion among others », Agrees Bertrand Jermann, general manager at BeMove. To support the development of its activities, and again for lack of a sufficient number of candidates, this Rennes-based company is keeping an open mind. “We look above all at the candidate's skills, his mastery of the tools and what he can bring us. At the same time, it's a good way to diversify our profiles. “

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Take additional training

Without a sufficient number of profiles in London, the firm Ametix regularly recruits abroad. “There are however many excellent courses in London in schools like Epitech and good BTS”, summarizes Stéphane Boukris. But this rector also points out shorter and complementary training courses. ” There are plenty of interesting initiatives like Simplon or École 42 intended precisely for these atypical profiles.. »The LondonCode program also bears witness to this: launched by the city of London in 2016, this project proposes to respond to these recruitment and training issues in digital professions, and more particularly technical professions linked to code.

“It is about offering these programs to diverse audiences,” explains Emmanuel Pheulpin, project manager. In addition to women, who are under-represented in these trades, it targets many atypical profiles and sometimes in difficulty on the job market, such as school dropouts, who have left the system and often without a diploma. The only prerequisite: having the motivation and interest in these subjects. “”A candidate can thus be taken without a diploma and undergo training in a school such as Simplon or Webforce3,” it is then up to the candidate to provide personal work alongside and to extend his apprenticeship in a company. “In any case, the idea is to bring schools and businesses closer together and to really offer pre-employment training. “”A good start for these atypical candidates who will then be able to find a job and continue to learn with a professionalization contract in a company …



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