XML of electronic invoice: what is the importance of the file for the company?

XML of electronic invoice: what is the importance of the file for the company?

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Who works with the issuance of documents inspectors know that the NF-e (electronic invoice) XML is one of the most important files of a business. Although created in 2005, there are still many doubts regarding this document.

In a nutshell, the XML file of the electronic invoice is the digital content of the invoice itself (invoice). That is, the NF-e itself. Created under a national bookkeeping standard, this file is available for consultation and electronic storage across the country.

In this way, the UK residents entrepreneur who already organizes his commercial operations online can ensure that they are all in order through this single document.

To take all your doubts about the electronic invoice XML file, keep following this post. We have prepared the step by step how to issue it for free and safely. Good reading!

What is the electronic invoice XML file?

As we said, the electronic invoice XML file it is the digital version of the NF-e itself issued in product sales. That is, it is the document that proves the accomplishment of a commercial operation.

Unlike the NF traditional, it does not accompany the merchandise sold. Therefore, it is the supplier's responsibility to make the digital file available to the customer.

Its acronym XML stands for “eXtensible Markup Language” or in a direct translation, Extensible Markup Language, which is basically a universal file format used to encode different types of documents, in an organized manner.

For the NF, the file follows a specific bookkeeping model Supervisor UK residents, and can be used in a similar way throughout the country.

Many confuse it with the DANFe (Electronic Invoice Auxiliary Document), which is the simplified document for the invoice. This, although it is delivered printed with the product, but it is not valid for tax or accounting purposes. Therefore, it is not the same document.

Read too: DANFE online: learn what it is and how to issue it.

It is also important to note that, as determined by the Tax Legislation, the electronic NF XML file must be kept for a period of 5 years and presented if requested by the IRS for an audit.

What is the XML for electronic invoices for?

As a formal sales transaction document, the electronic invoice XML acts as a legal receipt for warranty, exchange or return requests.

The consumer can, therefore, use it as a tax document and still use it to deduct expenses from his tax return. Income tax (GO).

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, use the electronic NF XML file to optimize the control of their revenues, taxes paid, sales made, among others, in addition to triggering it as proof of regularity in inspection cases.

With it, public agencies oversee the collection of taxes more efficiently, companies organize their tax operations and accounting more easily and customers gain practicality.

What is contained in an electronic invoice XML file?

The electronic NF XML file stores all data present in an NF, so it has:

NF-e data

The information in the electronic invoice includes the sequential number, series, model, date of issue and date of entry / exit of the goods.

Details of the NF-e issuer

The data of the issuer of the electronic invoice refer to the name / corporate name, CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities), state registration, municipality code and address.

Recipient data

The recipient's data can be understood by name / company name, address, CNPJ and state registration.

Product data

The product data considers its description, NCM (Mercosul Common Nomenclature), quantity, commercial unit, quantity and unit value.

Direct tax data

Direct tax information includes the calculation basis, product value, freight and insurance value, tax substitution, ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services), IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products), PIS (Social Integration Program) and Cofins (Contribution to the Financing of Social Security).

Transport data

The transport data, on the other hand, shows the name of the carrier, CNPJ, address, license plates, number of volumes, gross weight, net weight.

Additional Information

It is also possible to access complementary information of interest to the taxpayer.

How to get the electronic invoice XML?

Now that you have understood what is the electronic invoice XML, what it is for and what information it presents, see now the step by step of how to get this document.

The file can be generated free of charge and directly from Sefaz, the Department of Finance's software, as long as it is duly authorized or accredited by the institution. Understand below.

Step 1: Install a digital certificate

The digital certificate (e-CNPJ) is an electronic document responsible for the identification of the user (individual or legal entity) that requests access to the XML file of the electronic invoice. That is, it works like a digital signature.

It corresponds to the conventional CNPJ, so it is essential to generate the document securely and authenticate the NF. To acquire such a certificate, it is necessary to request it from an authorized government entity and accredited to ICP-Brasil.

Step 2: Access the Sefaz National Portal

Having the e-CNPJ installed, the next step is to access the national portal of Sefaz, through one of the addresses: www.nfe.fazenda.gov.br or www.cte.fazenda.gov.br.

That done, just click on “Consult NF-e Completa” and enter the electronic invoice access key (code of 44 numbers present in DANFEs). This key is necessary to access any service or product data on the official website of the Farm.

Step 3: Download to the XML file

Once access is released, just click on “Download the document”.

At this moment, the “client certificate” is requested by the system, which is nothing more than your digital certificate. Therefore, installation of the file in the browser is necessary to complete the process. In appropriate cases, the downloaded file will already be in XML format.

Step 4: Open the XML file

XML files are encoded with plain text, so they can be accessed by any text editing program (such as “notepad” on Windows and “text editor” on Mac), internet browser, Microsoft Excel, among others .

What are the main tips for managing the electronic invoice XML?

Check out three special tips to optimize the management of electronic NF XML files.

Choose to use your own NF-e issuer

In addition to the free issuer offered by Sefaz, companies also have the option of using their own emission, which is preferably integrated into your organizational management system.

This means that accounting and financial operations can be significantly favored. In addition, sending invoices to customers can be personalized and facilitated.

Employ automation

Opt for NF-e emitters that have automation. Some systems already allow the issuance of banknotes and the automatic download of all documents issued against a specific CNPJ.

In this way, facilitating and streamlining the tax operations of the business.

Back up frequently

As the electronic NF XML file must be kept for 5 years, the realization of backups it's essential.

In this case, storage in a cloud it is the safest and most reliable option. Also remember to keep a backup copy at all times.

Therefore, we can conclude that managing the electronic invoice XML files properly is important to keep the company's business operations organized and in compliance with the law.

In addition, it is the smartest way to prepare for any request, expected or not, from the IRS.

Taking advantage of the immersion in the subject, also check out this other article that unravels, in detail, the operation of electronic invoice issuance!



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