Yellow September in the company: create a suicide prevention campaign

Yellow September in the company: create a suicide prevention campaign

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Suicide prevention has finally abandoned the taboo position in society, being openly discussed among people to value life more and more. For this reason, the Yellow September in the company is a campaign that cannot be missed in your organization, involving a series of actions that have everything to act in favor of the mental health of its employees, such as:

  • explain the reasons that can lead to suicide;
  • implement an organizational culture focused on aid;
  • offer support and support;
  • decorate the company with the color of September Yellow.

Until recently, suicide, depression and mental health of people was an inconvenient subject. A true social taboo from which many people sought distance.

As a result, we have witnessed a frightening index where, one person every 40 seconds commits suicide!

Thus, an issue as present as it is shocking in our daily lives, can no longer be taboo. Therefore, the Yellow September in the company it has been in force more year after year, since it was conceived.

And, in this post we will openly discuss the matter with you so that, throughout the month, the Yellow September in the company also becomes something relevant and with a focus on valuing life. Good reading!

Suicide in Brazil

Let's forget for a few moments, that suicide is a word that causes embarrassment to people: we currently live in a outbreak of depression and anxiety in the country. And these psychological disorders are closely related to the significant increase in suicide attempts.

Thus, with mental health shaken, the rates rise and we feel a profound sense of helplessness. A sensation, however, purely illusory.

All because suicide – although it has increased by 7 percentage points in the country over the past 6 years – it is a decision that can (and should) be prevented. And the sooner discussed, the better.

Why do we need to talk about suicide?

Precisely, as a result of this preventive character. Through the Yellow September at the company, your HR shows that you are fully able to face the problem openly – and, most importantly, together with its employees.

If an employee is unfamiliar with the subject, Yellow September at the company can help you use the information you have learned to help a friend or family member – or even yourself.

And if the issue is still taboo for some people, campaigns can help to gradually minimize the problem as something classified. This is a subject of immense importance, which reinforces the value of the Yellow September campaign throughout the country.

The Yellow September campaign

In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) already warned: 800,000 people take their own lives annually. In general, they are decisions motivated by deep anguish, sadness and hopelessness – characteristics common to depression, but also to stress, for example, or even recurring exposures of humiliation.

Even so, harassments that happen within companies, such as bullying, must be taken seriously. How to know what this type of behavior causes in a person's psychological, if few professionals are encouraged to discuss the issue freely?

That was how the Yellow Yellow took on colors, spreading across the country as a collective suicide prevention measure.

How did it come about?

It all started in 2015, in Brazil, with the campaign led by Hot line (CVV), the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the UK residents Psychiatric Association (ABP).

That year, the focus was restricted to the country's capital, only, but soon the yellow of hope covered all the capitals and cities of Brazil, which also joined the movement.

And there are two reasons why Yellow September takes its name: on September 10, the World Suicide Prevention Day will be celebrated. And the color is related to the rescue of hope.

Everything to do, then, with the significant use of Yellow September in the company, do not think.

The Yellow September at the company

Bringing the problem – and much of the solution – into your organization, Yellow September at the company can be more than an awareness message: it can save lives. Literally.

After all, a large part of the movement preaches collective awareness of suicide prevention. No more ignoring a colleague who is constantly depressed, for example, or accusing a person who feels displaced in a certain environment or situation.

With the Yellow September in the company, everyone celebrates the differences and faces, as a great team, any and all adversity.

Actions for the Yellow September at the company

To help inspire Yellow September at the company where you work, we've put together some interesting tips on the subject!

Explain the reasons that can lead to suicide

Although the depression is one of the main factors, many other situations can propel the person to this depreciative cycle until they choose suicide, such as:

  • psychological disorders in addition to depression, such as bipolar disorder, stress, schizophrenia, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, among others;
  • uncontrolled substance use (such as prescription drugs and illegal drugs);
  • isolation (due to different reasons, such as the person's personality or even the already mentioned situations of harassment).

When this is spoken and reinforced to people, it may be easy to identify any employees who may be facing the problem – hitherto, in silence or support.

Implement an organizational culture focused on aid

HR can play an important role in Yellow September at the company. After all, the sector can make itself available to answer questions, forward professional assistance to anyone who wishes and even help to solve problems that can get worse – again, the aforementioned situation of harassment.

One organizational culture close and humanized helps to celebrate differences (be they race, creed, gender or any other factor) and to bring them together, not segregate them. And that can make all the difference not only in the company's Yellow September campaign, but throughout the entire year.

For that, it is advisable to elaborate a code of conduct so that all employees know, from the first day of work, what the company's position on the matter is.

Conduct trainings

How to proceed if an employee's relative is thinking about suicide? How to identify signs of depression? How to guide a person who refuses to seek help?

These and other guidelines can be addressed by the HR sector and, with this, expand awareness and knowledge about psychological disorders and all their consequences – direct and indirect, including.

Knowing how to proceed in the face of situations like this is a way to value not only your staff, but the people behind each badge.

Support and support

Again, the human element is one of the great actions for the Yellow September: transform employees in people capable of helping those in need. More than that: interested and concerned.

For example: the absenteeism it can be a problem that causes conflicts between co-workers. But, what if the absences are motivated by an aggravated depression?

Thus, learning to observe the problem with more reason and impartiality can help to recover a friend with problems, and not to push it away further because of the consequences of depression or another problem.

Decorate the company with the color of September Yellow

Finally, the most symbolic action for Yellow September in the company, but very functional: decorate it in yellow. Spread yellow balloons, stripes in the same shade and distribute promotional materials on the subject.

In this way, suicide and any cause associated with this serious decision can go beyond the corridors of your company, reaching out to someone who may need this support also from the outside.

So, were you inspired to reinforce the importance of the Yellow September in the company? So, how about taking the first awareness step as soon as you finish this reading? Just share this post on your social networks and, with that, encourage discussion on the subject – whether to listen to someone who goes through this type of problem or even so that more people understand the relevance of the topic!



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