“Young consultants or auditors, no, our daily life does not consist of selling analyses! »

En étant porteurs du changement dans les entreprises, les jeunes consultants voient une occasion du (re) donner du sens à leur travail. « Le seul objectif de rentabilité n'a plus cours et l'initiation de cercles vertueux est aujourd'hui au coeur de notre vocation », témoignent les 13 jeunes du nouveau comité Next Gen de KPMG France.

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Ecological transition, digital revolution, new ways of working… in contact with more than 90% of English economic players, the auditing and consulting sector is evolving according to the major upheavals that society and the economy are experiencing.

These last few months – marked by unprecedented transformations linked to the health crisis and climate change – have significantly accelerated the renewal of the firms' offer and the modernization of their practices in line with the expectations of their clients and the young generation of which we are a part.

With a focus largely on ESG and innovation, audit consulting firms today are very different from the representations that many currently have of them, and of which we wish to testify.

The opportunity to find meaning

Solitary days with extendable schedules spent in front of a Powerpoint or an Excel table, writing “abstract” reports, racing for performance… belong to an old time that new generations no longer accept, an observation often shared with our “elders” more experienced.

As tech and data have changed the methods of creating value, questions of meaning and the desire to have a positive impact on society have been added. These traditional professions are also undergoing a revolution in favor of more agile and collaborative working methods.

Young consultants or auditors, no, our daily life does not consist of selling analyzes or advice, reformulating strategies or even “explaining their job to our clients” as we sometimes hear. Our job is to share an enlightened vision of the transformations at work within society, with, as a result, concrete solutions applicable in the business world to support them in the transitions in progress.

We mobilize functional and sectoral expertise both derived from research and nourished by experience, built with companies and organizations of all sizes in all territories, up to the concrete implementation of their projects, with the same desire on a daily basis. : that of being useful to them and to being useful to the world. A reality as much as an opportunity to find meaning in what we do at a time when companies can no longer exclude CSR and sustainability issues.

The opportunity to make sense

Faced with the rise of ESG in corporate strategy, more and more missions today concern the energy, social and societal transformations of organizations, as well as the implementation of extra-financial performance factors and of positive impact.

The sole objective of profitability is no longer valid and the initiation of virtuous circles is today at the heart of our vocation: to contribute to a positive development of the economy and society. This is just as much about building successful growth models as it is about supporting companies' resilience and sustainability strategies.

The alignment of the planets has therefore never been such between our expectations and the opportunities to make a difference with the economic leaders who will tip the economy tomorrow towards a trajectory of positive impact.

The opportunity to be an agent of change

It is true that today our professions are still considered to be selective and demanding disciplines and there is still a long way to go to promote diversity and inclusion. But the exercise of our profession leaves, it seems to us, much more room for maneuver and progress than in the past.

Telecommuting is now widespread and the search for balance between work and personal life taken into account by most organizations. This is the experience we have of it.

Our generation is not fooled

Intrapreneurship and skills sponsorship allow us to get involved in causes of general interest during our working time.

However, our generation is not fooled. Although this approach recently initiated by the firms responds of course to an imperative of attracting talent, it also has the virtue of no longer cultivating “formatting”, leaving each and everyone the possibility of benefiting from their own trajectory via the development of diversified expertise that companies are calling for.

If it is wrong to consider that all the players have now changed, it is certain that a new era is opening up. An era in which the new generation has its place to move the lines. Let's get it!

The signatories of the tribune

The KPMG London Next Gen Committee, created at the end of 2021, brings together 13 employees from all professions. It offers an equal and representative view of young people in the firm to help and challenge the Comex on strategic issues, in particular to support it in making its business project a success around responsible growth and the transformation of the firm into a company with a mission. Members of this committee:

Jeremy Fages

Gaelle Mercier

Camille Bedel

Loic Pottier

Anne-Sophie Grimaud

Stephanie Giraudet

Khalid Hima

Dina Laraki

Sahar Jilal

Yann Gryska

Thaël Huard

Romain Chomier

Thomas Heinrich


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