Your behavior in selection processes says a lot about you

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Participating in a selection is much more than doing interviews. One of the most important aspects is the candidate's behavior throughout the selection and the respect he has with all stages. Although he has a great resume and extensive previous experience, his posture and ethics count for valuable points.

From the first contact with the recruiter, it is necessary to be transparent and explain the reasons that led you to want to leave your current job and what your real ambitions are. Sincerity at this stage is essential to establish the first bond with those who are interviewing you. Speaking objectively about pay, interest in side promotions and ambitions is extremely important. For example, if there is any point in the selection that bothers the candidate, such as the salary offered, benefits or even the position, this should already be scored from the beginning. The candidate will be much better evaluated if he always makes it clear what he is looking for in the new company and which offers he did not like, without forgetting professionalism and cordiality. This kind of behavior creates important solid bonds with the headhunter.

Another relevant point is related to the candidate's attitudes, which are observed all the time by the recruiter, but naturally and is considered an informal assessment.

For example, the way the interviewee receives the news of the process (whether positive or not), the agility in responding to contacts via e-mail and telephone, the language used, voice intonation, among other characteristics, are taken into account. This set of signs shows the headhunter if the candidate is responsible, interested, considerate, how he behaves on a daily basis, if he complies with rules and commitments, in short, they are indicative that help compose the opinion that will define whether that professional will continue or not in the selection process.

This type of analysis is done very subtly, but it counts as much as the formal evaluation, that is, the interviews, tests and evaluation practices of each company.

For the recruiter, who already has experience to perceive artificial behaviors, it is easy to notice when the candidate is wearing a character during the interview and has ready and rehearsed speeches, which can harm him and, in most cases, exclude him from the compete for the best your resume is.

Juliana Gomes is Key Account Manager at HR Consultant UK, has solid experience in the Human Resources area in multinational companies and large consultancies.


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