Youth and employment: taking advantage of the thinning – Our issue on the opportunities to be seized

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Posted on Sep 27, 2021, 11:44 AMUpdated Sep 27, 2021 11:50 AM

A year ago, the most catastrophic scenarios for youth employment were on the table. This generation, which was said to be “sacrificed”, turned out to be more resilient than expected, in particular thanks to the “1 young 1 solution” plan.

The difficulties in getting a job were nonetheless real, and the questions about the search for meaning and impact are still as sharp. As the recovery begins to take shape, how do you take the rebounding ball?


In detail, here is the menu for this issue of HR Consultant UK:

– The long format of this issue: our survey on the 8 levers to activate to find a job. You will find in the same article 8 key words deciphered (English Tech, teleworking, mentoring, future courses, new schools…) which will help you to target your job search.

– “The crisis is not yet behind us”. The Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne answers our questions on the situation of youth employment (a subject that is still as sensitive as ever, one year after the launch of the “1 young person 1 solution” plan). And, by the way, she gives advice on finding a job, drawn from her personal experience.

– With the crisis, they entered the labor market earlier than expected: One in six young people stopped their studies during the pandemic. Distance courses, isolation, unsuitable course… the causes are multiple. But can we reduce this phenomenon to dropping out? How did these ex-students bounce back and what did they gain from this premature dive into the world of work?

– Before getting a job, there is the research time of varying length that you need to know how to use, and the test of interviews for which you are more or less well prepared. But in fact, do the grandes écoles still train maintenance champions?

– Entering the workforce by creating your own business, a folly? In any case, the experience seems to be “trivialized”, thanks to the plethora of support mechanisms. And the crisis is not affecting the movement, on the contrary. What if I created my first job instead of looking for it? They are freshly graduated, even still students, and already heads of companies.

– Not everyone finds their way the first time. We spoke with those who are approaching a change of course without taboos. Sometimes only a few months after entering the workforce. Disenchanted with their first job, they reoriented themselves immediately. No problem!

– It must be said that the pressure to find a job that has meaning, impact, something concrete is more present than ever. “Are bullshit jobs over?” “. One thing is certain, today if you don't like your job, it's because you missed your life! Or how the Ikigai (explanatory note in the article, promised) became a new injunction.

– Resist, prove that you exist, and that your job is worth its weight in gold, no matter what. They may not be “glamorous”, but they bring in a lot of money in these professions… And in addition, we can really flourish there. The good news !


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